centaur sheep maiden Picture

Indeed. I don't quite know what this sort of creature would be called ... In any case, inspiration came from the movie Fantasia ... the part with the centaurs is the BEST!! Ever since seeing it some days ago, I've been reading Mythology by Edith Hamilton ... it's pretty cool. So ... I wanted to draw a centaur-type person, but then I drew her hair and decided it looked rather sheepish, and then ... I had this. Only, an adult body seemed out of proportion with the small size of the sheep, so I made her just a kid. (her face still looks too old, ah well.)

Again, I rejected traditional pen-inking, but this time I used Flash (fortunately installed on puter by brother) to go over the lines on another layer--it's got this cool automatic smoothing function that makes everything look so much nicer ^ˆ^

pic © lys
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