The Centaur Picture

This is my second full attempt to complete a speed painting in artrage, and I gotta say I'm quite pleased with it but not for the most obvious reasons.

I set myself the task of creating a picture from two random reference pictures I found on the web, being extreamly careful not to slavishly copy either (keeping to my imagination as much as posssible). The priority was to give the whole thing a painterly look and not a cheesy photo reproduction feel (which I know I am guilty of from time to time).

What pleased me was that I managed to get the picture to it's current state in two hours, and that at no point (because of the nature of artrage) did I cut and paste anything. I was able to paint the whole thing flat on without using editing tools just the paint tool and nothing else - just like as if it were acrylic!

You might wonder why this is important to me? Well, this means that if I paint with artrage with it's limited editing ability I can be truer to how I paint with real media. In effect it prevents me from going rusty while still painting digitally - tada!

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