SPLICERS Metamorph Centaur Picture

SPLICERS Metamorph Centaur Xenoform


Hey Everyone, I recently completed illustrations for (2) new Splicers O.C.C.s (Metamorph & Swarmlord) in the latest Rifter#51 published by Palladiumbooks. This issue can be purchased directly through Palladiumbooks:


Splicers Guru, Chris ‘Slappy” Kluge & I developed this concept together and it was a ton of fun seeing this concept come to life. The Metamorph is one of the illustrations where I did illustrations for its 15 various forms. I decided to upload several more of the (15) forms, as I don’t want to give away everything.

The experimental Biotic variation known as the Metamorph is an attempt to augment human beings with the awesome power of Bio-Technology without forcing them to permanently surrender their humanity. The idea was that the subject would retain his human/her form and physiology when interacting with civilians back at home, but before entering the field, they would be able to quickly transform their body into a powerful Bio-Tech war machine. Metamorphs can assume various forms, some are larger than their human forms, and some are smaller. Watching a Metamorph transform into a larger form is somewhat disgusting, but witnessing one transform into a smaller creature is truly horrifying.

Centaur Form: The centaur form is a hybrid form that provides the Metamorph with impressive running speed while still allowing him to use handheld weapons. The lower body is an odd mix of a lion in the front and a equine in the back and the upper armored body looks like a more muscular version of the Metamorph’s humanoid form.
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