Centaur Herd! Picture

I can't even handle how many centaurs I've been drawing...prepare for a few days of endless torrents of centaurs! This is all of my centaur OC's bundled together, I'm doing sheets for each one ^^

They are based around a short story I'm putting together. In their world, the centaurs live wild and have little to do with humans. Horses do not exist. Therefore, the selfish human king, a great fan of the centaurs (even with them on his coat of arms), sought about making them a commodity. He sends out his men to rustle the poor herds and steal their foals. The foals are then brainwashed into becoming knights for the king - guards and cart pullers, little more than slaves. The peaceful centaurs usually flee further into the mountains and high forests to try and escape. But now, the two largest herds - the Ebony herd and the Copper herd - are at logger heads, as the Ebony herd seeks to go to war with the human kingdom and calls for others to join him. Of course, that means war with all of the brainwashed slaves as well.
The above characters are the main ones who feature ^^
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