Anatomy of The Centaur Picture


This is my anatomy of a centaur. I Know there's accually more drawings here like this one, but I wanted to do my own.

I don't knw the size of a centaur but I guess it's bigger than a human hehe. I want my centaur to be anatomicly correct (not in a dirty way). By that I mean that I want the upper human body to fit perfectly with the lower front part of the horse so it looks like the horses legs could fit perfect as the humans legs. I don't want a big horsebody and a small human body, it looks silly.

I only know the skeleton anatomy of this creature, the other is unknown to me. Since the centaur have two ribcages, does that mean that they have 4 pair of lungs? The most logical reason for haveing 4 pairs of lungs is that this is a big and heavy creature that needs all of this.
Oh well, it's fun to speculate.

Vintage stuffz I used for this one *thx*:
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