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In Greek mythology, Capaneus was a son of Hipponous and Astynome, and husband of Evadne, with whom he fathered Sthenelus.

According to the legend, Capaneus had immense strength and body size and was an outstanding warrior. He was also notorious for his arrogance. He stood just at the wall of Thebes at the siege of Thebes and shouted that Jove himself could not stop him from invading it. In Aeschylus, he bears a shield with an armored man withstanding fire, a torch in hand, which reads 'I will burn the city,' in token of this. Jove struck and killed Capaneus with a thunderbolt, and Evadne threw herself on her husband's funeral pyre and died. His story was told by Aeschylus in his Seven against Thebes, by Euripides, and by the Roman poet Statius.

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