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Here's my new char! Acacia! Yay! Took me forever to draw this -.-; It still sucks. D:= Oh well, I hope this pitiful excuse for art gives you an idea of Acacia! ^.^

Incase you can’t read the character sheet above:

Acacia Character Sheet

Acacia – Greek Origin, “Tree of Thorns”

Name: Acacia
Age: 19
Height : 5’ 4” (approx. 162 cm)
Weight: 110 lb (approx. 50 kilos)
D.o.B (Date of Birth): August 22
Star Sign: Leo
P.o.B (Place of Birth): Somewhere in Scandinavia (Raised in Romania)
Gender: Female
History (In Short): Raised in poverty as a gypsy, Acacia knows nothing but how to dance. Her whole life she was called a beauty, praised by many. She held a kind of modesty to the praise, but the women of the towns she visited became jealous and bitter towards her. One in particular was so jealous, she threw acid on her.
Personality: Humble & modest, kind but often too shy and considered to be snobby or stuck-up.
Scars: Excessive scarring to left side of face covered by hair.
Eye Color: One green (Right eye, your left) and One blue (from acid, left eye, your right)
Hair Color: Black ends that fade to brown at scalp. (Grows darker from medium brown at scalp to a jet black at the tips of the hair. )
Diagram 2 (Showing Facial Scarring): One green eye (Your left), One blue (The scarred side on your right), Hair=Currently in Ponytail, Informal wear = blue, Hair typically used to cover acidic facial scarring.
Diagram 3 (Clothing): Formal Wear (Does Dances in this), Gold (armband, necklace, and headband), Red Satin (Whole dress, cloth), Sequins (Top of skirt, just before lace on sleeves, end of torso portion), White lace (end of skirt, sleeves, and collar), Crystal (Tear drop on headband, necklace jewel, and tear at V of collar.)
History (Full *Focused: Not Detailed*):
Acacia was born with no last name in a gypsy camp deep in Scandinavia. The exact place of her birth is unknown, as a gypsy she often traveled with her mother and father, moving from town to town, country to country, she spent most of her days in Romania, dancing from a young child. When she was able to bring in money with her dancing her parents sent her into a town to pick up fresh groceries and left without her.
Forced to dance to survive at the tender age of 7 she was taken in by the occasional rich family for entertainment. Most of her dancing was on the streets, where she hid behind buildings and slept in open fields or abandoned buildings, moving from town to town, country to country until she was 16, when she caught the eye of a young aristocrat. He lavished her with gold jewelry and red satin dresses as she danced for him, but soon she grew wary as he became more obsessed with her, she fled and continued her life as a dancer.
She was called beautiful and mesmerizing but she took on the trait of modesty and refused to acknowledge herself as so. She only wished to escape the struggle, and when she earned enough and she’d been fed just enough to live, she’d often stop dancing in intervals. As money grew scarce she’d return to her dancing, and soon she became masterful of the ability to entrance men. With this she was made an icon of hate to the women and wives of the towns she visited. One particular case at the age of 18 ended in disaster for the beautiful young girl.
A woman’s husband had been admiring her from afar, coming everyday to give her his pocket money. The suspicious wife discovered this and in her furious rage she brought along a jar of Hydrochloric acid (attainment unknown) and threw it at her on the streets, in the split second it was thrown she turned to her left side and caught the corrosive effects of the acid. Permanently scarring the left side of her face and mostly blinding her. She hides the scarring beneath long brown and black tresses that she feels shields her from her hideous deformity. Extremely sensitive, she hid within the shadows, dancing rarely when in desperate need until she was able to sneak on to a ship bound for America.

Behind the Scenes: Acacia is a mixture of Gypsys, Tramps, and Thieves by Cher, Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis, and All Is Full of Love by Bjork. I was sitting around listening to old songs with my dad and he played Gypsys, Tramps, and Thieves by Cher and I really wanted a gypsy character. Then I thought, “What would I name her?”, the first thing to pop into my head was Acacia, how the hell it got there I’ll never know, but it was there, so that’s what her name became, it was only coincidence that it happened to mean “Thorny Tree” which fits her character surprisingly well! So I went with it! Then I was listening to Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis and a part of the song caught my attention:
“And it's draining all of me
Oh, they find it hard to believe
I'll be wearing these scars for everyone to see”
And that’s where I got the idea for her scarring. Next I was listening to All Is Full of Love by Bjork (Watch the MV! It’s amazing!) and it was very steady and I got the image of dancing, and slowly as I listened to the song her image began to form in my head.
Afterward I was excited and enthusiastic about my little Acacia, so with my mom’s aid I determined her height and weight, the bulk of the 10 to 20 pounds is muscle from dancing because she has never eaten well. The dancer costume was an altercation of one of my older designs. The locations were based of f of mythology and a bit of European stereotype, that most gypsies come from the region of Scandinavia (Norway, Finland, Sweden, the Scandinavian Peninsula) Romania was too a stereotype, if you recall from Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the gypsies that Jonathan Harker tried to call out to but were pretty much bribed by the Count to ignore him. As far as the rest of it, it was completely random, what ever popped into my head.

All Art: Rave (Me)
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