SalaDays Character: Crystal Picture

The 4th in 5 of the members of my Salad Days Character submissons known as "The Family", all part of *Tyshea's Wormwood Project This one was a bit rushed after making This story. But enough shameless plugs (For Myself) it's time for the Bio:

Name: Crystal Shuhi
Age: 15
Height: 5’5
Weight: 120 lbs.
Race: Nature Spirit, Designation is Birds
Grade: 9th (freshman)
Relatives: None
Nationality: American
Style: Japanese-Pop
Eyes: One Red, One Green
Hair: White Bangs, the rest is Black
Orientation: Bisexual
Significant body markings: Tattoo’s along her arms, each with a different meaning
Favorite Classes: Poetry, World History, Mythology
Club(s) and Extracurricular(s): Wormwood Orchestra (Violin) and Choir
Crush/Steady: None
Likes: Hanging with friends, singing, bowling
Dislikes: Hunters, cheaters, liars

Biography: Crystal is the youngest member of The Family, and also a new recruit to the school, but is quickly making a name for herself and The Family. Crystal is well know as a “Rose with Thorns”, She’s cute But she has a darker, more deceptive side, which is why she fits in great with Akila, Neco, and the others. She doesn’t like to be disrespected and will ruin anyone who does so with the use of her talent. As a nature spirit, Crystal has ultimate power over her designation, Which is birds, so she can talk to birds, understand them, and get them to do things for her. While her way of getting things done is quite different (Alien even) to others, no one can argue that it’s not effective, with Crystal able to get nearly anything at any time if she plans it well enough. Crystal isn’t as shy as Akila, but she’s also not as open and flamboyant as Briana. She’s sort of an in-between, balancing out everybody else. She’ll strike up conversations with people she doesn’t know, but she won’t remember them right away if they start talking to her the next day. Crystal has big dreams of becoming a famous singer some day, and she really does have a lovely voice (Possibly from spending most of her life with birds), but she keeps her dreams private, only telling Xenu and Briana. In terms of emotional connections, Crystal is closest to Neco, most likely because they are very similar in a lot of ways, and Crystal is the only one allowed to call him by his full name, Necoanian. If Crystal’s attitude could be described in one word, it would be Hippie. Crystal is very protective of the environment, always starting arguments with people who don’t recycle, people who use plastic bottles, Etc. which can be grating at times, but she mostly keeps her cool about it, and just does her part to keep the planet safe. Her signature item is an amythist ring she wears at all times. Whenever she loses her ring she gets sick, and her brand of Nature Spirit sickness is particularly bad. When she loses her ring she will pass out at least 60 times a day, no matter whats going on, she will instantly lose conciousness. While not on the same brain wave as Briana, Crystal acts as master planner and lookout for The Family while they are on a “Job”. At her very core, Crystal is very emotional, getting teary eyed at little things like sad movies or poems. Because of this Crystal is top of her Poetry class, always writing very deep, if revealing, and emotional poems, which has marked her for torment from some of the older students (Like Dawn) But, because she is well liked by most everybody, both The Family and a large group of the other students look out for Crystal. Crystal is very supportive of the rest of The Family, always backing them up on whatever they want to do, and they act similarly towards her in return. Crystal is surprisingly single, despite being very popular among the boys, possibly because she rolls with The Family, whose reputation precedes them. Outside of Xenu and The Family, Crystal claims to not have many friends. She looks up to the rest of the family, Neco is particular, as role models, and the other parts of the whole are eager to teach her their various skills. However, Crystal doesn’t have a real family, having grown up as a street urchin in various forests (A forest urchin?). She goes camping about twice a month, weather it interferes with school or not.

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