People overflow, pt2 Picture

Blah blaaaah, second half of massive sketchdump.

Top row: Leo (short for Napoleon), who’s Annie’s big brother; Lucy (SOMETHING IS SERIOUSLY WRONG WITH THIS WHAT IS IT?); Vincent with a slightly elongated/weird face; Indigo; and Yorkie (NNWR), which is short for New York - I figure this is the same as giving your child a mythology-based name today, as New York in my story would be known as only some sort of majestic myth of an unobtainable paradise - who is Rack’s best friend and has too much of a feminine body here. Even though he’s meant to look feminine anyway. Eh. There is a reason we requested a male Life Drawing model.
Middle row: Lady.. I keep drawing her in winter because I don’t know why, but fuck, I finally drew a side profile of her so I don’t care; David Williams, because I wanted to draw something in a slightly more realistic style (lol that’s such a lie I’m just in love with Melbourne Heart and that photo and almost him); and Rack, giving Yorkie a you-are-such-an-idiot-I’m-not-blind-you-know look when he tries to insist he doesn't like Giuseppe. Because he does.
Bottom row: young Annie, about nine or ten; Rack working in the fields in her prison camp; Rack again because I want to fill space so please don’t look at that; and young Lady, again about nine or ten. Or probably younger.

Characters © me.

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