Hope is Strength, Hope is Love Chapter 4 Picture

Hope flew above the little camp Serena and her had set up. It was good to be free! She saw Serena gazing at her small wings flapping in the air. "When did you have wings? It never said that in Greek mythology!" Serena said. "Well, I always had wings. Your fellow humans didn't bother saying that." Hope replied sternly, as she flapped her majestic wings. "Um, ok then." Serena replied. Suddenly Bark came along. "Salve, Detractisque Corticibus." Hope said. "What?" Serena said, puzzled. "I said, "Hello, Bark" in Latin." Hope replied, annoyed. "You know Greek and Latin?" Serena asked, astonished that Hope could speak 2 languages when she was only Greek. "Yes, I can." Hope replied with a sigh. She looked around boredly. "I'm gonna go check if their's anything useful around here." Hope said. Quickly, she flew out of their magic-protected camp. Immediatly, she saw a magical Greek protection charm. It had a silver chain, and a red ruby in the shape of a diamond hanging from it. She picked it up and attached it around her neck. It was a beautiful accessory with her headband. She flapped her small wing in joy and turned around to go back into the camp. Then, she heard a evil chuckling, a chuckle too familiar to even stop to think about it. "BACK OF, FEAR!" Hope shouted at a dark alleyway. A pale skinned girl approached from the alleyway. She looked almost exactly like Hope except she was wearing black and red and she has short, straight, jet-black hair. "Well, well Hope. You finally came back to help these PATHETIC fools." Fear laughed. Hope glared at her. "Join us, we all know you are the most powerful spirit. Join the Dark Side, and together, WE SHALL RULE THE WORLD!" Fear laughed maniacally. "Courage... I know your in there." Hope sobbed. "Please, come back to me! I'M SORRY!" Hope fell to her knees, and tear drops pattered softly to the ground. "Courage? Courage will never return. Come join us!" Fear shouted. Suddenly, Serena came out from the camp and stared in shock at the two almost-identical twins. "W-what??" Serena stammered. "So you're working with THIS pathetic fool?" Fear sneered. "Your wasting your magic. I know you can become stronger with us! JOIN US!" Fear shouted. "NO! YOU ARE NOTHING BUT POWER-THIRSTY SPIRITS! COURAGE WAS BETTER THAN YOU!" Hope shouted back. "What's going on? Whose Courage? Whose THAT?" Serena asked as she pointed at Fear. "I am-" Fear suddenly stopped and didn't move. "Until next time, Serena." Fear spat Serena's name. Then, Fear was gone.Serena turned to Hope. "What was that about?" Hope sighed. "It starts with me and Courage."
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