Hope is Strength, Hope is Love chapter 3 Picture

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Serena stared in shock at Hope. The real Hope! As in from Greek mythology?! "A-are you the real Hope, as in Greek mythology?" Serena stammered. Hope nodded shyly, happy to be recognized. "Wow! I've always adored you!" Serena cheered. "Thanks." Hope replied, slightly blushing. "Anyway, what happened here?" Hope said as she gazed at the city in ruins. "Shadow creatures" Serena sobbed. "Shadow creatures attacked and killed everyone." She added. "Her....." Hope mumbled angrily, making sure Serena didn't here. "Well, anyway, Serena, we have to make a camp." Hope said. "Ok let's do this!" Serena replied happily. A few hours later, the camp was set up. "Well, this is ok." Serena said as she stared at their little camp. It had a tent big enough for both of them, a small dim fire, dimmed from Hope's magic made dim because it could attract a shadow creature, and a little spot to relax and eat food. The camp was hidden with magic from Hope, so no shadow creatures might come. "I'm starving." Hope said in a clearly unhappy voice, her small wings flapped from the thought of her hunger. "I thought spirits couldn't get hungry...." Serena mumbled, but of course, Hope heard. "I was reborn as a human, a mortal girl, so I can get hungry." Hope replied, annoyance in her voice. "Well, whatever." Serena replied as she was getting hot dogs out from her backpack. Bark, who came out of his tent from a nice nap, yipped at the sight of the hot dogs. "Here, Bark." Serena said as she opened the package of hot dogs and took out a raw one. She dropped the hot dog in front of Bark, and he gobbled it up quickly. Serena whistled as she cooked the hot dogs over the fire for her and Hope. Serena then noticed a shop with food in it, completly clean and edible. "Hey I'll go get some food from that store." Serena said. "I wouldn't go if I we're you, there might be shadow creatures!" Hope replied.
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