Daughter of Hecate Picture

Name: Delilah Walker
Godly parent: Hecate
Powers: Magic (Affinity to Necromancy), Rune maker
Weakness: Doesnt know a lot of Greek mythology , Afraid of sea, she's too easy-going
Weapon of choice: Bow with Runic arrows

-She doesnt know about Mythology because she didnt have a proper education.
-His father works in a cementery as a caretaker, because she used to go with him to his work she discovered she could see ghosts, she could even touch them and held conversation with them
-When she turned 10 she heard about a woman in her street being haunted by a ghost and she went to see whats going on, after she talked with the ghost (it was a little kid that wanted to say something to her mother) she liked the idea of helping ghosts, so she became a ghost hunter (And she gained popularity through the years)
-When she turned 16 she got the attention of a protector when he was walking down on the street and saw her talking with a ghost, and thought she was a daughter of hades, it was until they got to the camp that she saw the hecate cabin and told aloud to herself that that symbol was in her sunglasses (which are a gift of her mother)
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