Bleach OC: Maro Kaneko Picture

This is a sketch of one of my many OC's that I'll be putting on DA. The boy on the picture (yes, it's a boy. The hairstyle was influenced by his "mama", Freya, who has some wild hair herself) is Maro Kaneko, the floating head and zanpakuto in shikai are Sakuradzuki no shukketsu. I will probably make a normal non-sketch version of him after I'm done drawing with other OC's like Freya Kaneko, Penelope and the five daughters of all.

First name: Maro (meaning: "myself")
Last name: Kaneko (meaning:"golden child")
Human Age: 16
Gender: Male
Class: Shinigami
Occupation: 11th Division

Zanpakuto: Sakuradzuki no shukketsu (bleeding cherry moon)

Zanpakuto release command: "Tear their veins, drown the moon in their blood"

Zanpakuto's abilities: Can absorb enemies strength and abilities through their blood; can strangle enemies with a red mist; can cut anything and hit so that the internal organs and veins shatter without causing any harm to the outside of the enemies body; can turn the moon blood red so that everything under it's light will be tormented by Sakuradzuki no shukketsu's unknown attack; "the cherry blossom of eclipse", a unimaginably powerful attack in which a single cherry blossom lands on the victims forehead after what the person's mind is enveloped by darkness where all their fears and nightmares come true while in his physical body the veins are cut one by one. When the attack ends, the victim's soul will be completely destroyed.

Personality: He is a quiet and shy person who dislikes violence. He is loyal and cares about his family (Freya and Gotei 13 whom he considers to be family). He is kind and considerate of others. His personality doesn't fit his zanpakuto at all.

Appearance: 172 cm tall, 60 kg, black long hair with a violet shine, frail build, a custom Shihakusho with one crimson cresent moon shoulder pad, silver beads in his hair, Freya's red "lion's mane bead" at the end of the long ponytail, quite feminine-looking, chocolate brown and violetish eyes.

Likes: books, Freya, mythology, Freya's voice, poetry, camping, different musical instruments, cleaning the barracks using kido, taming wild squirrels, writing down everything.

Dislikes: Sakuradzuki no shukketsu, swimming, seeing the future, everything with blueberries, violence.

Abilities: Immense spiritual pressure, clairvoyance, talented in kido, is a zanjutsu master (though Freya always beats him), has a vast knowledge.

Biography: Maro was a clairvoyant when he was still human from the World of the Living. At the time of his death he was 4 years old. Little Maro was killed by an unknown entity with emerald eyes.
When he passed on to the Soul Society he found himself in South Rukongai, district 53. Red markings had appeared on the left side of his face. His clairvoyant powers had been taken to a whole new level and his spiritual pressure too. Because he was so strange the other kids and adults avoided him. Maro decided to go and live in the forest. On the first night living in the forest he encountered a Hollow, 3 m high and with enormous teeth. When the hollow was about to devour him strange red mist appeared. It reminded him of a woman's figure with bright green eyes. The red smoke strangled the hollow and cut it's throat. It's blood gave the mist a solid figure, it was a woman in her twenties with crimson long hair, a slit throat and a similar marking on her face as Maro. The little boy fainted and when he woke up in the morning, he found himself wrapped in a blanket under a tree. Next to him was a package with food and a note. "I will see you soon, very soon..." was written on it.
On the fourth day he met Freya Kaneko, a powerful woman who was a well-known shinigami. She was on a morning "walk" (high-speed running, swimming and mountain climbing) when she saw the little boy sitting on a rock with his last half-eaten rice ball.
She asked for his name but he didn't have one then ( he had forgotten his human name), she asked where his home was but he didn't have one. So she decided to adopt the boy. She named him Maro because she couldn't think of anything better. She started to train him to become a soul reaper, he soon mastered his shikai and clairvoyance skill. Maro was like a son to Freya, she was very proud of him. One time Maro saw her singing (you could say that she was as good as a top opera singer) and wanted to learn singing too. But his voice wasn't meant for such a thing as singing. Freya made a violin-like instrument for him and he learned to play it. The two of them used to have a music night every friday since then.
When Freya joined the 13 Court Guard Squads, she took Maro with her. She was immediately accepted as she was the person who released her bankai instead of her sealed sword form when she got her zanpakuto at the human age of 7. When Freya easily became the second kenpachi, Maro was offered a Lieutenant position in the 11th Division but he declined.
He and Freya started to do research on zanpakuto's evolution. His own zanpakuto was the bloodthirsty being who had saved him when he was attacked in the forest by a hollow. She was the dormant side of Maro, she was the reason why he was afraid of trying to master his bankai. It was about then that Maro started to write a book for the future generations of shinigamis. He wrote about the secrets of zanpakuto's, the future events (Aizen, arrancar and so on), the past secrets, the present events that were occurring (really, some strange stuff was happening back then) and he wrote about all the captains and lieutenants.
I will write about his death some other time...
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