Delphinium (Delphin) Picture



Yay, more drawings! Took me long enough to pump out another one, eh? Alas, despite dropping French 4 IB, school has still been depressingly stressful and time-consuming. And next up…college! I wish people would do more sugar-coating as to how hard college is, y’know? So here we have Delphinium (or Delphin, as she insists on being called), the main character of a book/series that has the working title “Curse of the Valley.” You’ll see why in the bio. It’s a series I got the idea for when we were studying different types of wing structures in freshman year science, and I was like “Hmm, I wonder what wing structure would be best for a wolf if they could fly and lived in trees and stuff? (I was really tired, don’t ask. I barely got any sleep freshman year.) HEY, I COULD WRITE A BOOK ABOUT THAT!” Thus, the flying wolf book/series was born. Bio time!


Full Name: Delphinium of Glendale

Nickname(s)/Alias: Delphin (and you’d better call her that or she will fuck you up XD)

Age: 5 years (15 in wolf years)

What universe does this character live in?: She lives in a fantasy world completely void of humans, where the “top species” are different types of sentient (mostly) fantastical creatures. There are 7 sentient species total: The flying wolves, the lions, the unicorns, the dragons, the selkies (based off of an actual mythological creature, but my version is a sort of cross between a seal and a dog), the griffins, and the dolphins. The sentient species can all communicate, like the various races in Lord of the Rings. 5 of the 7 species have free reign of the land (or in the dolphins’ case, the sea), but the winged wolves and the lions are trapped in a forest called Avion Woods surrounded by a deep valley. They have been at war for generations, and the curse was cast by a half-lion half-wolf Healer named Malka who doomed them to stay in the forest forever unless they could make peace. They still haven’t been able to, and the war is getting worse.

Species/Race: Winged wolf

Theme Song(s)(Optional): “One of the Boys” by Katy Perry (although only the first part, because she never really outgrows her boyish ways). “What’s My Age Again?” By Blink-182 is another good one.

Hair: Pale gray and white

Eyes: Violet

Day-Time Clothing: Her fur

Night-Time Clothing: …Also her fur

Costume (If they have one. If they don't, skip this): N/A

Notable Facial/ Features/Make-up?: None, really. Vibrant eye colors like purple and pink are very common among Delphin’s pack, so her having purple eyes really isn’t a big deal. (Hey, if I made her have “special snowflakey” eyes, people would automatically assume she’s a Mary-Sue! But really, I just wanna give all the characters pretty eyes because it’s fun

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