Vic The Sealed. Or Mummified? Picture

The README (argh!)
As far as I've understood the task right, Vic needs a complete redesign, not just a nice redraw, he needs a couple of new deviant ideas to put onto his poor skull. According to this, I have thrown away all the old features like the staples and chained headphones.
Of course, my works aren't very technically advanced, but I've got some quite original (in my humble opinion) features for Vic (just like the music — high techniques generally don't make sence if there is no melody).
Work #1: Vic Rattlehead, The Sealed One
After all the tortures, mr. Rattlehead has been sealed and put into the storage cell to wait for his further fate.


1) The brain lid is made to protect his brains (still alive and ready for more torments!) and to prevent them from interacting the outer world anyhow. There can be some screws or rivets connecting the lid with bone. Also, a some kind of tube connected to the back of his head for feeding the brain with oxygen, water and nutrients, would look stylish enough.

2) The eye-sockets, teeth and partly the jaws have been filled up with BOILING METAL (argh!). No peeking or mouth-opening anymore!

3) The seal. A piece of copper wire is stretched between three metal rings (they've been put into liquid metal) with ends connected by a seal with the "M" letter (Mutilate Me More?). It is made to prevent any do-gooder from doing anything on Vic without Vic evil captor's knowledge of it.

4) Nose lid. Just to close the nasal cavity. Pure and simple. Screws can easily be changed to rivets or nails. These three "handles" can also be stylized\modified a lot (fences, warning signs et cetera).

That's all with it. I hope there's enough new features for Vic to look young (and sexy -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Work #2: Vic Rattlehead, The Cool Dead Guy With Metal Bandages
This idea has come to me too late to make any serious paintings of it, so a sketch and a feature description are the only things I can provide.

The general idea is a somewhat technologically advanced mummy. The mix of egyptian mythological symbols and today's symbols of evil things (nukes, biohazards, concentration camps, genocide and so one). It isn't probably a very original idea, but it can make some sence.


1) Bandages. METAL bandages, no cloth! Rattlehes II was the pharaoh of metal, so his mummy must be looking properly. Rust, dust and scratches are welcome here.

2) The crown. I've stylized the crown of Lower Egypt and now it has a badge of nuke explosion (biohazard sign and "U-235" would also look good there) and a barbed wire fence on the back of the crown. Screws have been added to fill the empty space and can easilly be replaced with all kinds of rivets, boltheads, holes (like the 1/4'' jack plugs).

3) Mythological symbols with a more "modern" look. It is probably a little bit silly, but, I'm sure, it depends on fantasy. Ok, the Eye of Ra with a sight on it and the Cross of Ankh as a warning sign. There are possible alterations for other symbols, like Seth in a gas-mask.

Here's the end to this. Vic won't look very young or sexy. He will look like an evil undead king, that's for sure!

Ok, I'm done.

P.S. (Infernal)God bless(curse) the metal scene and Megadeth (and all the people who make the metal, true and evil
P.P.S. Everything has been done in Painter IX. Work #1 — oils brushes. Work #2 — charcoal. The original size of work #1 is 2150x2150 pixels

P.P.P.S. Excuse my English, I know it sucks.
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