Purple Dragon Picture

I made this while at camp in the Pocono Mountains, Henryville Pensylvania with Camp America. I was helping out in the ceramics department with a lovely lady who I give many thanks to, called Martha from the USA. In the very small spare time I got I decided to make a sculpture myself. I didn't really think or plan what I was going to make I jus grabbed some clay and began shaping it and I got a sort of Dragon shape and it went from there. I spent about a week making it, about 2hrs a day making, on the last day I spent 3hrs finishing it off. Then I spent about 7hrs in total glazing it over the next two days then it went in the kiln for a day. I finished it off by spraying with a fixartive to minimise damage. I decided that it was too big and too fragile to take on the plane back home with me so I gave it to a kid who was at the camp for three weeks and spent every minute he could watching me make the dragon, telling me he wanted me to help him make one just like it next year. I felt bad because I knew I wouldn't be back next year so I surprised him the day he went home by telling him firstly the dragon had blown up in the kiln, his face dropped he looked very upset, then I told him to shut his eyes and hold out his hands, his little face lit up when he saw the finished dragon sitting in his hands, when I told him it was his to keep his face lit up immediately, I definitely put a smile on that child's face.
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