(Demigods) Tiffany Scuro-Angelo Picture

Name: Tiffany Scuro-Angelo
Godly parent: Hades
Birthday: Feburary 13th
Demigod status: Confirmed
Powers: Ability to raise the dead, talk to them, usual shadow-travel, and she can turn into a creature of the night (For some reason)
Friends: Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Hazel Levesque, Nico Di Angelo, Piper Mclean, Leo Valdez, and Carlos Soleil
Boyfriend: Carlos Soleil
Personality: Out-going, brave, fearless
Enemies: Girly-girls who make a deal out of their looks, and the usual monster or evil god/goddess
Preferred weapon(s): Stygian iron sword, Tenebris, and her Shield of the Labyrinth (Her skull necklace can turn into the Shield of the Labyrinth. It confuses her enemies, making them feel lost like their in the Labyrinth and wander around aimlessly. This is not permanent, but lasts for a few hours or so)
Usual mood: Peaceful, humorous, serious, and layed-back
History: Lived a normal life for about, 12 years. My best friend, Sam, (A.k.a. a satyr) was the only friend that I ever had. One day, out of nowhere, I was called to the principles office (Another a.k.a. He was a dracanae in disguise) He started to ask me a few questions, and soon I became uncomfortable. I told him I needed to see the nurse, that I was light-headed, but instead, he said, "Oh dear, please do stay. We wouldn't afford for us to lose our Prey! " He hissed, which freaked me out. Soon, Sam came storming in, with his goat legs revealed. "O DEUS MEUS'!" Sam shouted in Latin, which I didn't understand. The monster-principle hissed. Suddenly, a huge tree branch smashed through the roof, and crushed the monster-principle. "LET'S GO!" Sam shouted. We ran from the school and we got into Sam's car. He started to drive. I didn't know where we we're going, but we said we we're going to a special camp. As soon as I got to Camp Half-Blood, I learnt about Greek mythology. Then, I found out I was a child of Hades. Soon, I befriended almost all the campers. Then, I met Carlos Soleil. I fell for him immediately. When I turned 13, he asked me out on the date. I said yes, and the date was a success! Now, we're basically a couple, and life's rough sometimes, but mostly it's smooth. Mostly, I almost always go on a quest with the others.
What campers think of her
Leo: She's pretty nice. Although... She once crushed my hammer.
Percy: She's cool. We're good friends.
Annabeth: She's really awesome! Once, we we're attacked by ghosts, and she just stepped up to them and they stopped!
Hazel: She's cool. She's like a sweet sister to me.
Nico: I consider her a friend and sister.
Piper: We like to talk a lot about stuff, sometimes it's serious, sometimes it's just random.
Frank: I don't know a lot about her.
Carlos: I really like her. She's pretty and she's never... Rude unless it's needed.
This was based on Rick Riordian's series, The heroes of Olympus.
You are NOT allowed to use this without permission! Please, thank you.
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