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Stephanos Nicoli written
by *lionesspuma

Full Name: Stephanos Nicoli
Nicknames: Steve Steph
Birthday: April 5, 1993
Immortal Parent: Iris Goddess of Rainbows, messenger of the gods, handmaid of Hera,
Mortal Parent(s): Dimitrius Nicoli a gardener
Years at Camp: 8

General Personality: Nice but distracted he is a gentle soul but an artist often engulfed into his work.
General Likes: peacefully things flowers, rainbows and colors and graveyards.
General Dislikes: war, anger, violence

History: His grandfather came to america and settled in florida's greek dominate town. His father was a quiet 2nd born. He became a gardener and loved to watch the sprinklers give off rainbows. He would watch them for hours. Iris took a liking to the quiet man and after a time came back with the child stephanos who she gave to him to raise. Stephanos grew up happy child but distracted he loved colors and would at times stare off into nothing watching things that others couldn't see. He did alright in his classes languages were not a problem for him nor was art. His ability to see into so many ranges of color allowed him to create art that had more depth and feeling in it. He has had no romantic relations he just doesn't seem to be able to have focused enough on anyone.

Best camp Activity: Arts and Crafts
Worst Camp activity: Fighting any type of fighting
Fatal Flaw: He does not fight he does not do confrontation

A crud load of more info.

Mythology of Origin: Greek
Hometown: Tarpon, Florida

Gender: Male
Age: 17
Height: 6'4"
Body-Build: lithe [bodycast [link] ]
Hair Color: Raven wing black
Hair style: long flowing and softly feather
Eye Color: hazel
Eye Shape & Form: bright and clear he has warm almost bedroom eyes.
Skin Tone: a warm bronze
Distinguishing Features: He usually has a light facial hair. Mostly because he forgets to shave. He also has paint and color stained fingers.
Sexual Orientation: He doesn't know

Talents: he is very very good at all kinds of painting.
Abilities: He can travel from one rainbow to another though if the rainbow he is going to disappears he has to appear in another nearby, He can communicate through rainbows without difficulty, and he can see into both upper and lower ranges of color giving him both ultra violet and infra red vision.
Strengths: his sight is phenomenal. It gives his paintings more depth and life.
Weaknesses: he is a bit off. He can becoming fascinated with items of color and become distracted. He does NOT fight.

Common Quotes: *soft smile and a warm gentle but not focused look*

Extra Information: His mother gave him an easel and pigment set that he can take with him at all times. It turns into a necklace that he never removes.
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