Catlix Son of Forseti Picture

Catlix Vantric Goffrenico (Or for short Van Goff)
Son of Forseti
Catlix is one of two Norse demigods (Nira) who were actually stable enough to live at Camp Half-Blood because, he lost his memory.Catlix just came out of no where they just found him in the middle of where they had the cabins, he's really curious since he lost his memory.He rarely talks and is very mysterious to other campers in camp Half-Blood, his best friend is Matthew, the son of Nemis.They were great enemies in their past's they often would battle with each other and create destruction and death around them.They had so much in common but, they were both from different worlds, Matthew was from Greek mythology and Catlix was from Norse Mythology.Usually the Greek and the Norse didn't get along so it only made sense by them not getting along either.The gods took action to end their differences and took away their memories so that they wouldn't fight anymore, this was the best thing they could come up with without killing them both or just killing one of them, without sparking a war between the Greek and the Norse.Catlix doesn't even know he's a Norse or even his last name, they found out his name on his jacket that he is wearing in the picture.Charon often tries to keep Matthew and Catlix away but, somehow fails to.Crows really love to take Catlix away they just grab him and fly away with him (And Nira is responsibil for this).
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