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Mom and Dad somehow convinced me to not invite Cleo to my welcome home party. Which I thought was a load of shit. Then they somehow got me to dance with the opare. Vanity, the immortal hommonculus who thought she was still human. But then at the party when she actually looked decent. It wasn't too bad. I have no idea why she said she was a bad dancer. She was pretty good. The dress she wore made her look almost as busty as Cleo,who still thought I was human. I had been a homonculi for two years. Which was how long I had been at the "boot camp". If you could call it that. This particular boot camp I went to was supposed to create the perfect soldier out the juveniles. What really went on in there had given me nightmares for the rest of eternity. Literaly.It got dark and I was still outside. Waiting for the signal that Cleo found a way inside. So she could position herself into her favorite spot on the stairs just because she knows it makes me want her even more. I heard the while of four notes, symbolizing my families SPQR code from our Roman heritage. I opened the door and saw her sitting on the rail. Wearing her favorite cream colored mini skirt made up of only two curtains of cloth, and her mathing half top that tied up at the neck. She had her snake arm band on. Her dark skin looking like it was glowing in the light. Her blue eyes spiraling. Begging me to come closer. Her black hair fixed where she had the gold rings on her dreads. She took her jeweled left hand and dragged her bottom lip to an inticing spot near her chin. Showing me her white teeth and bright red tounge. The golden spots along the bottom of her eyes glittered in the darkness. She was an Egyptian goddess to me. "Hello Ceasar. Come to take me to Ciaro?" She teased with her low and smooth voice, pulling me closer to the ever desireable girl that stole my heart in jr. high. I straitened up and bowed like I was Julius Ceasar to Queen Cleopatra and smiled my most charming smile,"Is there any other reason my queen?"
I took her hand and helped her off the rail. Being careful to make sure the skirt didn't get caught like it did last time. Alot of people thought Cleo was a dumbass, hotass, slut. Where in reality she was very inteeligent, she was even on the honor role. Majoring in historicle archeology. Julius and Cleopatra was our joke since we were named after them. Her sandles hit the floor and traced my shoe. "Shall we take the chariot or just a horse?"
In other words,the car or the antique motorcycle?
"The horse my lovely queen of the Nile." I said enticingly. She looked at me and what she asked surprised me."Who was the girl in the blue dress at the party?"
I must had made a weird face because she explained."I knew your parents were holding a welcome home party for you so I hid on the roof. I saw you dancing with a gir in a blue dress. Who was she?"
I sighed frustrated,"She's the twerps new opare. Mom somehow convinced me to dance with her. She didn't want you over here since the last party you came didn't have a very charming ending."
She didn't answer. This particular subject always embarrassed her. So we dropped it then.

We got to dad's garage and I pulled out the old 2010 Harlee. It was custom painted to be white and purple with SPQR on the back under the seat. I reved it up and Cleo hugged my waist. "Where to my goddess?" I asked, smiling my charming smile despite the helmet hiding my face. She smiled at me,"You know damn well where I want to go." Our specia spot at the beach Near the rocks, where the cave hides out for 15 minutes at hightide. We got there and it was just as we left it. Except one difference that gave me a heart attack. Envy. "Hello Romeo. I see you brought a friend. Does she know your secret yet?" he said almost sounding amused.
Cleo looked at me and back at Envy. "Ceasar what is this guy talking about? What secret?" she said. Her low and charming voice leaking a hint of fear. Like the first time I met Envy.
I walked in front of her. "Envy your not supposed to be here. Go away!" I said. Trying to use my ability as a homonculi to work. I was The Ultimate Infuence. Like Julius Ceasar I could get people to do what I wanted them to. As The Unltimate Influence it woud work to a more extreme way. I would have complete control over the person and not just the desicions the made. Envy started walking toward us. Obviously I needed to work on my ability. Envy got in front of me and pushed me away. I knew as long as I was here nothing would happen to Cleo. Envy circled around her,poking her face and back. Cleo was confused,"Uhh,is this this guy messed up or just insane?"
I couldn't help but crack a smile,"Abit of both."
She made a face as if to say,'not helping.' Envy flicked her nose when she tried to move away. Then he stood up strait and smiled his demonic smile. "She's perfect Pride. Just perfect."
She looked at me frightened. "Ceasar what is he talking about? Why did he call you pride?"
I hung my head and sighed."I'm not a good liar Cleo. I can't keep this from you forever," I took my shirt off,revealing my ouroborous tattoo on my arm,"well I could but that wouldn't be fair to you." She looked at it in horror. She knew what it was. It was in mythology everywhere, somewhere in a story. You just to either find the original story or look closer into it. "You,you,you,your not," Cleo studdered.
"Not human." I finished.
She dropped to her knees and cried. Envy looked satisfied. "Well if it makes you feel better I have an offer you can't refuse." he said in his usual asshole self.
Cleo picked up her head and looked at Envy. "A way to fix my darling Ceasar."
Envy shook his head."Uh no,sorry once your one of us there's no turning back. But here's the offer. You can be one of us too."
Cleo was surprised. "How?"
Envy pulled out a red stone. The ones we eat to keep strong. "You need to eat one of theses. But there's a catch, if you eat it and die then you fail the test. You live your in." he toosed her a stone. "Your choice."
She stared at the stone like she did when she was studying anything she found. "Immortality, abilities beyond human comprehension, regeneration," she picked up her head,"I'll do it. For Cea- er, Pride. If I can't spend eternity with you then what's the point of love?"
Envy looked like he was gonna vomit. I couldn't beleive her. "Wait Cleo, what if you fail this test? What will I do then?"
Somehow we ended up in the cave. A good place to hide if you didn't want to get caught doing something you'll regret later. "This is a chance I'll have to take. You're my everything. And I can't lose you." She traced her hand along my jawline. She swallowed the stone like a pill. She took a breath and for a moment everything was fine. Then she started panting faster and faster. She screamed like something was eating her alive. She was shaking and grabbing at her skin like it was an unwanted animal. I saw the ouroborous forming on her back, right behind her heart. Then her skin looked like it was burning paper. It revealed gold,then copper,then bronze. Precious metals. She was the ultimate price. Able to use any precious material nearby to her advantage. She opened her eyes and they were amethists. They faded to a purple eye and her metal skin turned back to skin. She took in a hard breath like she'd been holding it for an hour. Envy came to cave looking stirred,"Damn, I'm abit surprised. I kinda wanted to see her die. Oh well, welcome to your new life Lust."

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