Akhlut Picture

This in an Akhlut, a creature that takes the form of an orca whale and wolf. It comes from Inuit mythology, and a few of the surrounding tribes as well (ex. Tlingit and Haida).

This is a charecter for a book that I havn't fully created the plot for. He is not the main charecter, and as of now, he has no name. He doesn't look like most of the Akhluts that I've seen drawn... considering he wears an Akhlut mask.

Speaking of his mask, I'll explain it! Well, he was an ordinary wolf at the begining of his life. But one day, his friend, Sorrow (the main charecter) and a couple of other friends dare him to go into a Tlingit camp to steal a mask. So he steals a mask of an Akhlut. He puts in on, and soon finds out that he can change into an orca once in the water.

I drew this picture in a transition from dolphin (orcas are dolphins, for those of you who do not know) to wolf. His mask is based off of a real Tlingit (Lingit) mask of an Akhlut. The design is not exact, because I wanted to make it fit him completley.

Charecter (c): Pearlevil
Art (c): Pearlevil
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