Uzigeeyu Picture


(oo zee gee yew)

In many cultures on earth, basket ball becomes known as “hoops”. Basketball becomes known as one of the simplest and challenging sports when many rules are changed for the Olympic games circa 2028. The game hoops is transformed by making the regulation court size changed to metric standards, the ball also changes, as well as the hoop. The court gains about 60% more surface area and the height of the hoop increases to 5 meters. In the beginning it becomes impossible to dunk anymore but the hoop itself does become much wider, and the ball itself changes size as well. It’s still perfectly round but now it’s exactly 85 centimeters in diameter. In the coming years the sport changes dramatically. As US American culture and economy changes, human beings are being sold and bought by corporations. The mega corporation “Engiv”, a sporting goods developer and manufacturer buys several children and raises them from birth to become the perfect hoops players in order to commercialize their products. These human beings are given the best education, training, nutrition, and healthcare.

Over the next several centuries, other mega corporations follow suit and also adopt human beings as legally owned children. It becomes a very profitable alternative to abortion in the lesser developed nations, particularly West African nations and India. These children are raised in camps to play particular sports, everything from boxing, skiing, bicycling, marathon running, ice skating, futbol, and hoops.

In time, corporations begin genetically engineering human beings before conception, creating perfect players, experimenting with different qualities, shapes, sizes, and strengths. Although it’s highly regulated by the government, it is for a short time debated over whether or not it is moral to change the makeup of human beings to make them different. Specific statutes and limitations are placed on what the geneticists can change in a human being to prevent any catastrophe. The result of this is a subset of humans with super human physical characteristics and heightened sensitivity. Dunking on a five meter tall hoop becomes no problem.

By the 333 era, (close to the year 3000) hoops is revived as a sport and played widely throughout the universe although now there are hardly any universal regulations on genetic engineering since it is impossible to enforce the rules and stipulations. So now we end up with this.

His name is Uzigeeyu, which means “Hoops lord”. He is slightly altered clone of one of the greatest hoops player in history and has be hired by a private prison corporation to hunt bounties. It tends to be very lucrative on many levels for corporations to have a bounty hunter who is marketable. Uzigeeyu has his own line of foot wear, second skin, third skin, fourth skin, and fifth skin, as well as sports equipment and nutritional supplements. There are also lots of toys and merchandise related to multimedia entertainment/mythology related to the life and times of Uzigeeyu. He is somewhat of a modern day Superman except he is real and owned by a criminal penitentiary company.

What might one ask are Hoops Lord’s special abilities? For starters he can jump hundreds of meters in the air. He has a hoops ball with an inertia drive built into it so he can actually stand on the ball and fly around on it, he can also throw the ball at incredibly high velocities (faster than a bullet). He has blood that coagulates and scabs fast and can heel almost instantaneously. He can see in the dark. In fact, all his senses are heightened to super human levels. And of course, he is super strong, super fast, and super smart. On top of that, he’s one of the most charismatic bounty hunters in the business, he will often stop and give free toys to children. Some cynics however believe there are many duplicates of Uzigeeyu and the Prison Corp uses them to do multiple commercial propaganda campaigns across the galaxy simultaneously. It is rumored that there is more than one Hoops Lord but the prison corporation denies it. Uzigeeyu’s DNA code is copyrighted and protected against duplication.

Oh, and did I mention he’s 244 centimeters tall? That’s a little more than 8 feet.
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