"Gilles And Taug" Picture

Orgulous and grim, the Orcs would not give, for they sought glory or death in the eyes of their bloody gods. In desperation, Gilles did throw down his challenge to the fell chieftain of the Orc horde, the giant Taug upon his HellHound: "Find victory or take leave!"

In his pride, Taug would not refuse. Many brave warriors had met Death under the massive Orc's bloody hand, yet fear did not chill Gilles's heart, for he knew the Lady was with him. Then did the two warriors meet on the plains of Chaneaux. Cloud rolled and storm lashed as the combatants fought, the elements themselves conspiring to aid the mighty ax of Taug.

Night bowed to day and day to night, and still the warriors fought, a concert of steel reaching the camp of his companions. Finally, Gilles opened his foe's guard, and struck his opponent with a blow of such might he fell in twain upon the rocks and as the fell beast on which he rode felt it's master's demise did fade away into the mist.

In respect of the warrior skills of the Bretonnian lords, the Orc horde marched back to their mountain homelands.
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