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second character for #Kin-Of-Divinity

Character Name: Sean whelan
Origin of Mythology: Greek
Immortal Parent: Eros
Mortal Parent(s): Bridget Whelan
Abilties and Limitations: Shoot arrows very well, can put others in a trance like state from good smelling fumes he releases from himself -he is like a scratch and sniff? XD-, the feeling is of pure love, joy, and pleasure. But of course he isnt to good at it. Most the time it's like just zoning out, or not caring any more -good if some mortal wanted to hit him-

Backstory: Bridget bore a son from the god Eros, She named that child Sean, which in Ireland means Gods gracious gift. His mother told him since the day he was born that his father was the god of love, and we celebrate his birthday on valentines day. Sean accepted this eagerly, and he grew to be a very loveable guy. Unfortunately he did get beaten up a lot due to his femininity. When he was older he found out he can release a sweet perfume that can put a human in a trance like state. He told his mother what had happened and she became ecstatic that he has powers like his father. She prayed and prayed to Eros to come back and see how his son has grown. Eros finally came to visit them and was pleased to see his son taking after himself. He got Sean enrolled in the Kinship camp so he can fine tune his skill an become a great man of love.

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