PAC: Lilo Picture

Cause I wanted a camper too.
Haters gonna hate.

Full Name: Lilo Akamu

Nickname: None really, her name is short enough as it is.

Age: 16

Nature: Bold

Personality: A pretty strange girl, usually a bit out of sorts with her head in the clouds. She's quite friendly despite appearances but unfortunately isn't the best at socializing with others. Incredibly deadpan and quick to speak her mind, people tend to gravitate away from her overly honest personality. She seems to have a bit of hidden sadistic streak.

History: Lilo was born on the Sevii islands, (the fourth one to be exact) to a moderately big family. She spent a lot of time on her own out of choice, particularity spending it in the water.

Over the years she grew close with her grandfather, an incredibly old Relicanth that acted as a sort of chief of there small town. She mostly sat back and listened to him ramble on about stories of legendary monsters and gods, explaining her interest in mythology.

After the timely death of her grandfather, she talked even less and spent all her time swimming. Worried for her well being, her parents sent her to the camp in hopes she can open herself up, or at least distract her.

Likes: Swimming, Needles, Candy, Ancient Legends, Talkative people, and raw meat.

Dislikes: Fire, Spicy food, and silence.

Additional Info:

-Speaks the Hawaiian language
-As well as her nose and eyebrow, her tongue is also pierced.
-She has incredibly sharp teeth, as well as them being tough.
-She doesn't have qualms about gender, so she is probably pansexual. (she isn't one to pay attention)

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