Sylvie Wyler Picture

My PJatO character, Sylvie Jess Wyler.

Name: Sylvie Wyler
Age: 13
Grade Level: 7th
Godly Father or Mother: Athena
Short History: Sylvie is from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She greatly dislikes her half-brothers, Joe and Ty. They are older than her, and twins at that. Her father, Devin, has always tried to hide her difference from her brothers, but that didn't help much. When Sylvie was taking a walk one day, she saw another half-blood fighting a monster. Being able to see through the Mist, Sylvie was astounded by the sight of the mythological monster. The other half-blood finally defeated the monster, and discovered little Sylvie. Realizing she was in danger, even more now that she realized who she was, the other demigod took her to Camp Half-Blood.
What Classes Your Character would like to take: History, Archery, Hand to Hand Weapons, and Greek Religion
What classes they liked in normal schools and which ones they were not good in: Sylvie liked Phys. Ed, ELA, Art, and Computer classes. She failed most in Math and Science, and almost never did her Geography homework, for lack of understanding. (props to Devin Wyler)
Any powers you've acquired: She can tell when people are lying, even when they don't have a tell. This was uncovered from 13 years of living with her half-brothers.
Flaw: Somewhat unsocial, and hates being around people. Especially if they have made her mad before.

Percy Jackson and the Oylmpians: Rick Riordan
Lineart Generator: ~keevs
Sylvie Wyler: ~StephanieOfTheWoods
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