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Total Pokemon Action Application for Anko6
by ~SpriteRabbid1687
Anthro / Digital Media / Drawings / Fantasy & Mythology ©2013 ~SpriteRabbid1687
Name : Luke
Age : 15
species : Lucario
Gender : Male
Birthday : May 10th
Personality : A laid-back, sarcastic and at times derpy, He has a bit of addict to video games. Half-Naive, Half-not-so-naive.
History : Luke was born as a ordinary Riolu, and had a ABSOLUTELY boring and normal life, until his parents bought him a DSi when he was 9. He used to draw comics at his drawing notebook everytime he had a spare time, and play games sometimes. He is a hardcore, easygoing gamer. He met his friends Heva and Rudy as when they were 4th grade. he evolved at 12 to a lucario. One day, He recieves the mail to the TPA, and signs up for the camp.
Why he wants to join TPA : He wants to donate them in charity, and use the left money to buy video games, music, and art supplies.
Hobby : As an hardcore gamer, Luke likes to play video games, and play guitar, and listen to music, and play piano, and draw.
Accessories : A Shirt with a green shirt that has a smile, and a L in the each of the red sleeves. He has ordinary Jeans, and has yellow shoes.
Fun fact about Luke : Luke is fond of rageface memes, and he hates trolls. LOL
So.. yeah! I hope I get in TPA!

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