Comic Xenophobia!! Indian (looking) superman Picture

Out of boredom, I decided to explore the idea of xenophobia in western comics and if there could have been different takes on the pantheon of comic characters that exits. The reason I say this is because the western world is generally promoted as multicultural yet in comic books/ media, there is a very clear slant to one culture over the other where at best it is white or black. Now easy targets would be other areas like Asia but they do not claim the former so out that goes.

Anyways heres the challenge:

The redesign must reflect a different cultural aesthetic (if applicable*), however the character can still reside in the west just as much as any where else:

Eg: Super man wears something akin to european/western strong men or gymnasts. Frankly most western superheroes wear such things
as they are synonymous with athletics and strength on this side of the ocean. In contrast, Japanese heroes wear various clothing from
re imagined martial art gi's, casual clothing, or clothing that suggest status and presence as oppose to muscle or physical physique.
Considering that Asians for instance, do indulge in their culture/pop culture; it should not be beyond reason to see an Asian super hero
not looking like a western one. I mean seriously, what Chinese kid does NOT know Gundam in some fashion. Just saying...

*European minorities and South American minorities may be exempt or excluded entirely if the design do not look
that much different culturally from the original designs. I mean I can't put a sombrero on every SA design now can I? Even if it
does look bad @ss.

Their origin story must be way too absurd and polarized without justification:

Eg: the only survivor or a dying planet no different from our own is a caucasian looking alien baby. Said baby was sent to earth and
crash lands in the back yard of a caucasian family….. The premise is very convenient and bordering the absurd by todays standards. Not
to mention that only a white kid was saved adding to the absurdity when give any real thought.

Something seemingly polarized but actually has justification for example, would be Wonder Woman. Being an amazon means the design has strictly connections to European mythology as amazons existed in greek fiction as an all female warrior tribe. She was created by a Greek goddess so it is not beyond the realm of reason to believe she would create a form that was familiar. As much as I would like to tool around with the idea of an African or Asian amazon princess, they have no connections to the Greek mythos… Dang. Maybe I'll do a Japanese Black Cat or Cat Woman instead.. Goodies! Um er, I mean goodness that sounds cool!….

Comic gods are fair game if:

In the fiction a god has a physical identity or can take the form of a physical identity.
In marvel the ultimate god "the one above all" seems to prefer appearing as an old caucasian man. The preference in never explored.
I would like to assume this has changed since I last hear of the character.

Portray depictions from generation to generation:

Mock up different eras. It does not have to be every single decade nor does it need to go too far back. I was tempted to do the 1950 but decided not to.
I do not think Indian were prevalent in 1950's America. I just tried to have fun with the generations I'm most familiar with.


As I create more re imagined heroes and heroins, I'll add to these set of rules.

Regarding this design, I made him look like an early to mid 20's "Indian" male. At leas about as Indian as an alien can get. The origin is the same but instead
he lands in the backyard of an Indian family, If that does not work, then they found him on a camping trip and adopted him soon after; taking everything he
came with.
Being culturally Indian, his clothing looks like a modified traditional male Indian clothing. I could have used something that suggested strength or athleticism but
that would generally mean he would go topless ( or wear a vest) with baggy pants or a loin cloth of some sort. I admit I was grappling with the colour of his shoes.
Blue was the next best colour but all blue shoes look odd to me. I also noticed that I missed drawing his "s" on the cape. Regarding the "s," the only reason it is indeed
an "s" and not an Indian letter is because the character was still raised in the western world so english is ok.

Personally I think he takes pretty well to the anime and manga look better than even what my normal art style is like! probably because the emphasis on strength
is rarely reflected in the physical appearance in those mediums. In the manga form I drew him "pretty" (I also gave him an ear stud!) where as the anime version has him looking more serious and normal looking. I also drew the western depictions of a Warner Brothers mock up as well as the artwork you typically see in comics from the mid 90's to early 2k.

I must add, by no mean do I believe Super Man needs to be fixed; this is just suppose to be more of a what if instead of a what should.

My next redesign my be the Black Cat, Cat Woman suggestion, or an Asian Super Girl. If I make her Japanese, it will probably end up looking like a Japanese
business mans wet dream so perhaps I'll try a Chinese martial artist look instead….. Do want! Yes I'm aware of the family connection to Superman which
makes every thing about the current Superman/Girl concept even more ridiculous. Forgive me if I ignore it completely. Over and out!
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