Meet Anna Picture

Probably the worst drawn profile picture ever, but probably my most unique character.

General Data
Birth Name: Anna Michelle Brye
Known Alias: Anna
Age: 26/37 (depending on the fanfic you are reading)
Originality: ????
Homeworld: Earth
Current Residence: Prickly Pines/New Ashpoint (depending on the fanfic you are reading XD)
Spoken Languages: English

Physical Data
Species: Slug
Race: She’d be white if human
Gender: Female
Height: About a half an inch shorter than Slinkman
Weight: Average weight, becomes a little overweight after having Zak
Physical Age: 35
Physical Attractiveness: Average but still cute
Physique: A little curvy and average height, average sized breasts
Fur colors: Pink
Hair Color: Medium brown
Eye Color: Chocolate brown
Physical Strength: Average
Distinguishing Features: Pink skin
Known Illnesses or Conditions: Allergic to pickles, and has no Fight or Flight reflex due to her feeling of hopelessness when her father died. She had repressed it so far back that only once in a blue moon does it appear

Intelligence Level: A bit above average
Mental Condition: Sane
Emotional Condition: Extremely sensitive when talking about her father
Emotional State: Takes her stubbornness to the extreme now because of her denial of her father’s death. Very sensitive when talking about her father. She hates to cry, and she doesn’t like to be pitied.
Sociability: Very sociable and nice when meeting new people
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Known Fears: Pickles, spiders, losing her family

Biographical Data
Date of Birth: 7/7
Place of Birth: Birch Creek
Ethnicity: Welsh and American
Birth Father: Daniel Patrick Brye
Birth Mother: Clara Marie Brye
Birth Order: First
Parents: Daniel and Clara Brye
Brothers: None
Sisters: Karen
Marital Status: Single/ Married (again, considering the fanfic you read XD)
Children: Zak and Maggie
Religion: Christian (I gotta get some that aren’t just this)
Permanent Residence: New Ashpoint
Talents and Skills/hobbies: Extensive knowledge in the astronomy field, Roman/Greek mythology, and in child care. She enjoys star gazing and learning about the Roman and Greek stories behind constellations. Only an average cook, but she gets by. Patient with kids and she loves to teach them astronomy. She is very good at arguing because she is so stubborn in her positions of the matter.
Anna: Anna is a patient, fun-loving, friendly slug with a somewhat plain physique. She loves astronomy and loves kids, which is why she has a major in astronomy and a minor in child care. While patient she is extremely stubborn. Her stubbornness was transformed from her denial of her father’s death, and has turned into a stubbornness that has a tendency to be taken to the extreme. (This usually follows with her husband carefully telling her she needs to watch herself.) Her father died when she was 10 years old, causing her to feel helpless, which caused her Fight or Flight reflex to disappear. She is, what movies would call, a damsel in distress in hazardous situations. Only once in a blue moon does her Fight or Flight instinct come back, and it’s usually when protecting her family- not herself. When she was younger, about two years after her father died, she moved from Allgonan to Prickly Pines, due to her mother feeling heartbroken. She lived there for about five years where she developed a “Celebrity crush” on Super Slug, due to him being the area's local dare devil. Her crush faded after Super Slug turned in his cape, and it became only a secret fantasy to meet him when she became "too old" for crushes like that. Her mother soon moved them back to Allgonan, because she missed being where her husband's soul was. In her sophomore year of college (on the other side of the state) she became extremely homesick and started a relationship with a questionable slug named Damien. After only a month she was madly in love with a slug she believed to be a gentleman. She planned on sleeping with him, but when they were alone in the dorm room he was very forceful with her, since he likes rough sex. Anna, since she was a virgin, was incredibly uncomfortable with this and told him to stop and be a bit more gentle. Damien had been drinking earlier and began to get angry. He kicked her out and never saw her again, evidently breaking her heart. She ends up meeting Damien many years later, and she still holds a grudge. This meeting puts her relationship with Slinkman to the ultimate test of love. But grudges, stubbornness, and damsel-traits aside, she loves to have fun. She’s sometimes even spontaneous. She’ll even begin acting like a child if she’s having enough fun, which makes her a hit with the kids. She’ll teach what she can to anyone willing to listen.
She ends up meeting Slinkman one summer at camp, due to her inability to find a full time job in Prickly Pines (the only place she could find an affordable apartment). The rest is history…
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