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hey bob what's up
hey bob what's up
hey bob what's up
hey Addy what's up

brought to you by Spazz. I *skull* powerviolence.
listen to them.

A lotttt about Addy (so if you don't care don't even start to read) ::
yeah yeah I got 'em. Myspace, Facebook, Last.FM...feel free to ask. ALSO...this isn't my main dA account anymore. ~AddyTyrant

I'm 19. I'm female (buh). I'm happily single. I go to college. I love psychology and crafts, especially making jewelry. I live in VT. I love Burlington. I'm a Park Punx. I am fascinated by graffiti. I'm not a druggy or alcoholic or an asshole. My hair changes often. My clothes do not. I like to use awesome slang online but not in casual conversation...and stupid chatspeak in casual conversation but not online. [[get at me, khed!]] I'm dirty, I'm relatively poor, I'm cheerful and lazy and love to make new friends. I also like to talk about myself when I ought to be writing my 5 page essay due in 8 hours...which leaves how much time for sleeping??

I have two best friends. Rikki (a girl) and Yesha (a boy). The love of my life is Sneaky Pete, and if you met him you'd know why. At least by us, it's rather an unrecognized fad to 'marry' your friends on a whim. We've actually staged weddings, complete with a pastor and reception with alcohol and cheerio cakes. I am married to two girls (Leah, Chelsea) and 4 boys (Yesha, Dylan, Chris, Christofer). I have awesome friends outside of VT, but my favorite people are in Burlington. You have to experience it to understand, but we have fun sitting out on a stoop blasting music from an ipod onto a tapedeck, skating, while putting together a puzzle, taking pictures, smoking, drinking in public, and eating sunflower seeds. We share and share and share. I don't get along well with stingy mooches, conservative republicans, prejudiced bastards, religious zealots...and super-patriots. Sorry but it's the truth!

I watch tv. Deal! =] I think 90s tv for kids was the way to go. Beavis and Butthead is my favorite. I used to watch Kablam! and Ahh! Real Monsters. What happened to the slightly morbid yet socially acceptable cartoonage of our day? The Adventures of Pete and Pete are awesome but are no match for my Sneaky Pete. Currently I love the Colbert Report and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Sometimes I come home early to catch Will and Grace, another favorite, and stay up to watch Fraiser though I'd never plan my day around it. I like Rob&Big and America's Next Top Model as well. My favorite movies are Perfume, Kids, 10th Kingdom, Pride&
I really like 90s music. I really like 80s music. I like my dads music, like classic rock and other stuff from the 60s&70s. Tom Petty, The Who, CCR, Allman Brothers etc etc. I like punk. Not just mainstream punk from the 80s (although that's always fun at dance parties, stuff like Misfits and Sex Pistols) but less well known stuff. I like metal. I like some alternative. I like 'indie' though I dunno if that's the right genre. I like hardcore too. I don't know a lot about music so don't ask me! If you have bands to suggest, lemme know. I have a fairly diverse taste in music, including almost everything except country. I like French music and Celtic music. **

I'm a fairly simple person trying to go against conformity while simultaneously conforming to another standard. I'm a dummy and I'm not that smart, but I flatter myself a nice person. I'm apathetic and hate it but too lazy to change my ways. I'm me...the good and the bad. Take it or leave it.

**basically everything I listen to:

Rudimentary Peni
Lightning Bolt
Municipal Waste
Charles Bronson
Wu Tang Clan (&solo artists esp ODB and GZA!)
Boot Camp Clik (&solo artists/bands esp Smif&Wessun!)
Dr. Octagon
Sham 69
Aus Rotten
Bad Brains
Belle & Sebastian
Benjamin Biolay
Black Flag
Blues Traveler
Bones Brigade
Chaos UK
Choking Victim&Leftover Crack
Coralie Clement
Cryptic Slaughter
Dimmu Borgir
Dirty Rotten Imbeciles
Flogging Molly
Flux of Pink Indians
France Gall
Gang Starr
Joy Division
Moldy Peaches
Louise Attaque
Marcy Playground
Napalm Death
Narcoleptic Youth
Nuclear Assault
Reagan Youth
Cannibal Corpse
Agoraphobic Nosebleed
Sondre Lerche
Soilent Green
Suicidal Tendencies
Third Eye Blind
Vice Squad
Vive la Fete
Youth of Today

and various other bands that I like certain songs of.
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