Kierans Application Picture

Name: Kieran O'Connor

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Race: Half-Human, Half-Elf

Superpower: Dream Manipulation

Sexuality: Unknown??? (Probs gonna have him be Homosexual but idk, maybe I'll make him asexual)

Personality: Kieran is a ditzy child, always wondering around and making up his own little ideas, He has always been creative and speaks in a weird type of fashion. At a young age, he has always been "flighty" and always ignored what was in front of him, causing him to always get yelled at or scolded. Nonetheless, he always got the highest grade at school somehow. As much as he loves taking naps and have dreams, he can't sleep for more than 2 hours and he never acts as if though he were even sleepy. As much as he is hyperactive, he hasn't really been a loud child. He has always wandered off by himself, never wanting another's company fully, but he did feel lonely.
(If you can't tell, I'm kinda basing him off Cole from DA:I and I'm in love with that cutie-pie!)

History: Kieran had a normal childhood. Had a mother and a mother- Wait, that isn't normal?? Wait, he also had two fathers?? What?? That is true. Growing up, Kieran was raised up by two females and two males. He wasn't raised alone however, his older brother was adopted by the four adults as well. The two women were together as were the two men, but they all decided to adopt two young boys, one that was 4 and another that was barely 1. Kieran was mostly raised by the two women, though the two men were still part of his life. His older brother, Evan, was mostly raised by the two men. They all lived in a shared household with one of the men staying home to help the children and one women working from home as a real-estate agent. They all lived in Ireland, happily. His powers? Well, a bit after their parents were killed by a serial-killer, Evan took it upon himself to take care of Kieran. Kieran was merely 9 months old, and he was never crying as a baby when he slept, worrying Evan. Soon, the two found themselves near an orphanage, where Evan rushed inside to help his baby brother. A nice women, one of the women who adopted them, had worried and fretted over them. Since adopted by her and her girlfriend and their gay best friends, Evan had nightmares about his parents, crying in his sleep and no amount of therapy could help him, until Kieran was 5. When Kieran turned 5, he decided to start to sleep in Evan's room, unable to sleep more than 1 hour at this point. Evan begged his fathers and mothers to let him and they all decided to let them sleep with each other for a bit. They allowed and the first night they slept on the same bed, more like Evan sleeping and Kieran creepily just lying there, Evan had a nightmare. All Kieran remember was that he laid his head on his brothers cheek and soon was inside a creepy dark area. He didn't cry or scream, he just stood there and saw his older brother curled in a ball screaming and crying. He blinked and hugged his brother, who gripped him back as shadows curled around them. The shadows curled into a figure and Kieran just blinked at it, turning it into their biological parents. All the shadows left and Evan woke up, as he realized that his nightmare turned into a dream. Kieran knew he wasn't "normal" or that his parents were "normal", but that was okay. He was fine with that, it was what made his family, his family. His love for the zodiacs comes from one of his fathers, the one that stays home. He used to take both Evan and Kieran camping whenever the others had a long day and needed some alone time or were on vacation. There, Kieran was always fascinated with just staring at the sky at night to distract him whenever he couldn't sleep.

History 2 (The School and his biological parents): As he grew up, the 2 couples realized that Kieran wasn't "normal" like other kids. They didn't love him less, but they worried for him and his social sanity. They soon realized that the young boy had an ability neither of them knew about, and with further research found out that he and Evan were both HALF-siblings. Evan's father was a demon and Kieran's father was an elf. Their biological mother was a human who had her heart broken by the demon and fell in love with an elf. The elf was able to manipulate dreams and control them, a trait the 2 couples believed Kieran got both his height and this "ability" from his father. They searched more into what this ability may be and along the way found a school for children like him. They decided to enroll him when they thought he was ready to be separated from Evan.

Likes: Plushies, Napping, Hot Chocolate, Toys, Evan being safe, being complimented, not being questioned, sweets, piggy-back rides, talking about mythology and the zodiac signs, and family-gatherings.
Dislikes: Being called "weird", his family insulted, being yelled at, being hurt, seeing nightmares, sleeping for more than 2 hours (makes him kinda grumpy since he isn't used to it), and being awakened from a nap.

Year: 1

Class: 1C- Ms. Lee

Club: Astronomy

- He is 4'3" because of his elven half. He didn't get the ears, but he got the height.
- His eyes are supposed to be this beautiful blue color and I FAILED GOMEN!
- His theme song would be On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons WHY DOES THIS SONG NOT GET ENOUGH LOVE??
- He loves to wear his beanie to hide his bags and his eyes
- He has a necklace of the Zodiac Sign Taurus gifted to him by Evan.
- He LOVES animals
- He has a plushie that is a mix between a bull and a fairy?? Unsure of it, he asked Evan who didn't know. Either way, he dubbed it "Tinkerbull" after his favorite Disney Fairy and the animal for his Zodiac Sign. I'M HOMESTUCK TRASH I'm SORRY!
- Wears either a long-sleeved shirt, a short-sleeved, or simply a tank top.

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