Pink Likes 147 Things Picture

When threats and beggin fail, try bribing. I decided to bribe Pink for some information.

Me: ...
Begging and threatening didn't work....that just leaves bribing.
What does Pink like?
Pink: 147 things.
There fore...I drew 147 things...kinda.

Some of them are interlaced. I'm not telling you what is where, unless asked, but it includes, in some way;

"do a barrel roll!", 8-bit theatre, aim, aliens, animal crossing, animation, anime, art, artemis fowl, astronomy, avenue q, black mages, blue lights, books, breakfast bat, camp hyrule, candy, cartoons, cats, cheese, chicken, colors, comedy, comic strips, comics, computers, confetti, crazy games, cute things, dance dance revolution, daydreaming, deviantart, disney, dragons, drama, drawing, dreaming, dreams, ds, eccentrics, fanfiction, fangirling, fiction, final fantasy, food, fruit, gamecube, gay boys, geography master 3, ghosts, glowsticks, graphic novels, hammer time, hamtaro, harry potter, ice cream, icons, idiocy, improv, insanity, inside jokes, intelligence, internet, invader zim, irony, j-pop, japanese, jokes, kingdom hearts, kirby, kittens, kitties, lasers, life, livejournal, long coats, magic, mario, mario kart, moogles, movies, music, mysteries, mythology, nintendo, novels, o rly?, oreos, otakon, over here blind ninja, paper mario, paranormal phenomena, penguins, penny arcade, photography, photoshop, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, pizza, pocky, pokemon, prince peasley, ps2, psychology, rain, randomness, reading, rpgs, sarcasm, secrets, sega, serenity rose, shiny things, shipping, sinfest, singing, sketching, sleeping, snow, sonic, soul'd out, south park, spoofs, starfox, stars, steve irwin, studio ghibli, super mario bros, sushi, techno, the legend of zelda, tiny toon adventures, vicious whisper, video games, wario ware, webcomics, white chocolate, wii, wings, writing, wtf, ya rly, your mom, zeke the assasin slayer, zomg, ☆, ♥. hand hurts. ;_;
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