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so he's kinda SUPPOSED to have 2 arms, and legs, but I got lazy and wanted to post him NAOW.

Name: Trey Davis

Likes: men, women, generally anything somewhat humanoid/alive, archery, the color red

Dislikes: Hera <nothing to do with her being the goddess of marriage, he just doesn't like her>, Annabeth, Telkhines, and he's generally not to fond of Apollo or his children because of their parents not exactly getting along

Favorite Food: strawberries

Least Favorite Food: dairy products <lactose-intolerant>

God Parent: Eros <was unclaimed in the Hermes cabin until the end of The Last Olympian>

Side: happily fought for camp half blood <hey, if the gods disappear how's he ever going to find out just how good the earth shaker is in bed? *SHOT*>

Fatal Flaw: his libido. no lie. he almost got himself killed once trying to get into Kronos's pants <I think it's been made obvious by now that he's fairly indiscriminate> almost got killed another time trying to get into Ares's pants. he regrets nothing.

Weapon of Choice: a plain red bow he found on his little spot in the Hermes cabin back before he was claimed. it was latter found out to be a gift from his father. if out of arrows he will use a dagger.

Age: 19 <for reference he was 17 in The Last Olympian>

Mortal Parent: Ester Thomas <married with Trey was 12. Trey kept his mother's maiden name>

Step-Parent: Jerry Thomas. a teacher at a middle school, teaches Greek mythology and English.

Personality: basically what appears to be a walking sex drive, he'll hit on ANYTHING. despite that he has a softer side and can be very fun to be around at times.

hrrrrrr lD

Trey Davis is (C) to me
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