Percy Jackson OC- Arekkusu Kenshi Picture

This is the main character for a series I'm trying to put together. More Characters coming soon!

Name- Arekkusu(A-ru-ke-su) Kenshi(Ken-She)

Age- 17

Gender- Male

God Parent- Athena

Other Family Members- Katashi Kenshi(Father-deceased), Honoka Kenshi(Sister-deceased), Amber Matthews(Step-Mother-deceased)

Theme Song- You're the Best Around by Joe Esposito;…

Personality- Has a strong sense of honor, compassionate, greatly cares for his friends and family and is willing to risk his own life to
protect or help them, very accepting of others, has a sense of spiritualism in Aikido, stays true and never goes back on his word, analytical, strategic, skilled in martial arts, wise, possess incredible control of his emotions but only showing a surprise look when his opponents proved more powerful than expected and even then does not lose his composure, and shows great maturity.

Fatal Flaws- Even though he has a good nature he's not all perfect; he can be plagued by doubt and criticizes himself whenever he makes a mistake. Pushes himself too much if he believes he didn't perform his best or if he failed a task. Since he rather make friends then foes, he dislikes being hated and tries to avoid that as much as possible. Also since he is and raised in japanese culture, he finds it really hard to be forced to accept the greek world he is suddenly supposed to adapt too despite his beliefs. And like all children of Athena he has arachnophobia.

Hobbies- Playing the Shakuhachi Flute, training in different fighting styles, reading, drawing

Goals/Dream- To be the best and protect those in need

Powers- Divine Wisdom, Battle Strategist, Enhanced Combat of Multiply Martial Arts, High Knowledge on Weaponry, Can Read Faces as Well as a Satyr, ADHD, Dyslexia, Enhanced Reflexes

Weapons- An Imperial Gold Katana (Only usable when monsters are around), Shurikens & Throwing Knives, Retractable Eletric Celestial Bronze Jo Staff, and Metsubushi(Black Eggs)

Background Info- Arekkusu always knew he was different; highest on the principals list in school as well as mastered high ranks in martial arts quick and while still young. His father knew he was a demigod but after finding the truth about the world of greek mythology was true and given the ability to see through the mist he wanted to prepare his son as much as possible before the time had come where he had to sent him to camp half-blood. Arekkusu while making progress, always stayed as himself and supportive to his sister Honoka. Even though they didn't have the same mother they were really close, Amber wasn't exactly the best of mothers towards Honoka and Arekkusu when their wasn't around. Arekkusu endured it all for his sister and wanted to train and do well so he can can move out and bring his sister with him. One night Arekkusu and his father came from the dojo they own and saw the front door open with claw marks and out of its hinges. They went in and found claw marks with blood all over the walls and ceilings, then heard screaming outside. They ran outside to the backyard and for the first time in Arekkusu's life that he had witnessed a murder scene; Amber being eaten by 4 empousa, and one walking towards Honoka. Honoka is scratched up and in a panicked state, Arekkusu at that point for the first time lost control over himself and charged, the 4 empousa saw him and dashed towards Arekkusu. Arekkusu dodged one but got kicked by another, one of the empousa was about to claim another victim when Katashi sliced it, he then picked his son up and gave him the blade he just used; an Imperial Gold Katana. He then told Arekkusu to claim down and go save his sister. Arekkusu worried about his fathers safety despite knowing he was the one who trained him, his father pulled him in and kissed his forehead and told him to go and that he'll catch up once he's done. Arekkusu then trusting his fathers words, ran to help his dear sister. The empousa was holding Honoka by the throat then dropped her as she heard Arekkusu's foot steps, they both gave each other the evil eye and then clashed. Arekkusu was scared but didn't show it, now that he was in control with himself he was doing a better job evading her attacks. Finally he slashed the creatures wing off and delivered the final blow and the creature turned to dust. Arekkusu then went to check his sister and when he saw her up close, fear and sadness took over; she was bleeding and turning pale... she wasn't going to make it. He sat next to her in tears, then Honoka gasp and called Arekkusu to come in closer for her final words; "I'm sorry... that you have to see me like this... please brother.... don't ever change who you are.... I only wish that.... that I could spend more time with you.... that we could of moved out before.... any of this could of happened.... I love you.... and don't ever.... ever..... chan-" and with the end of her dying breath she didn't move, she was gone. Arekkusu took her head and hugged it in close and shed in tears, he failed to protect someone he cared deeply about, and failed Amber despite being a horrible step-mom, he couldn't accept this. Then he realized his father was still fighting, he got up and ran to his father. His father only had one empousa left to finish, but he wasn't in the best of shape, he looked like he just wrestled a group of tigers but barely made it out alive. Arekkusu ran but the empousa was quicker then Katashi and slashed his chest with her knife like claws. Arekkusu have had enough of this; first his step-mom, then his sister, he wasn't going to let his father be next! Before he was about to slash the empousa an arrow out of no where hit its chest and it turned to dust, Arekkusu was stunned for a second then came back to reality and went to see his father. Katashi's eyes were half way closed, his wounds were too deep.... the same to what happened to Honoka. Arekkusu fell to his knees next to his fathers side; "I failed you... I failed you.... I failed you..." he kept repeating when his father put his hand on his cheek, "No... no you didn't.... if anything I failed... I didn't tell you, I didn't tell any of you the truth" "About what?" "That your a demigod.... your mother was Athena.... because of her I had to prepare you for situations like this and I failed.... I know you have many questions you wish to ask.... and.... I wish I can answer them.... but promise me.... promise me that you'll train.... and protect those in need..... can.... you?" Arekkusu wiping a tear off, "Yes" and touch his hand, "You have my word". His father smiled and handed him a bronze rod from his coat pocket, "It was a gift from your mother... when the time was right... no matter what you think, i've always been proud of you.... I couldn't ask for a better son.... believe in yourself and don't let anybody... bring you down..... I will always love Arekkusu..... take my sword.... it was suppose to your birthday gift" Arekkusu realized his birthday was tomorrow, "Farewell A... rukk.. su..". Arekkusu looked at the sword and rod and pulled them into his chest and hugged them as he was letting out more tears then he thought possible. Then he heard foot steps walking towards him, when he looked but he saw two teenage boys; one with a sword and sheild and the other with a hunting bow and arrows, they both had orange T-Shirts but Arekkusu couldn't read the letters on their shirts due to the water in his eyes. Then Arekkusu couldn't believe his eyes, standing in the middle of the two was a satyr, he knelt down and put his hand on Arekkusu's shoulder. "I am so, so sorry... If only we have come earlier then the outcome might have been different". "Who are you?" asked Arekkusu, "My names Grover Underwood, I here to take you". "To where?" asked Arekkusu, "To Camp Half-Blood" he replied.

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