My sona and I Picture

[Me: Man, you're good at this..]

So apparently the trend is to make a personification of yourself to put on the internet.. that's not really yourself. Some people make fursonas, but I didn't think that was quite for me. So I made a just plain "sona".

Sooo... I guess this is me. Playing video games on our ancient Genesis. With myself. The kid on the left is a rough version of what I look like. Pretty good by my standards. I lack skill at drawing real people. I did completely fail on the hands though. This is what happens when I try to angle hands. Doesn't turn out so well sometimes..

So anyway.

Name: Tom G. Penndragon.
Nickname: 10.
Gender: Male.
Likes: Daft Punk, almost every kind of music, Rush, video games, Tron, Superman, old comic books, broccli, Greek mythology, Top Gear, and fast cars.

He wears a black motorcycle helmet mainly because I'm a fan of Tron, Top Gear and Daft Punk, and after a while those things merge. But it's also a representation of kinda how shy I tend to be when I'm around people. I'm better behaved in public when I cover my face. So there's that.

My t-shirt says, "Human
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