KIU - Older Brothers Are a Pain... Picture

... Especially when one is uncapable of flight and the other is a lazy sloth, Zeus noted as he struggled to stay airborn. His wings protested against the horrifyingly large extra weight but there was nothing he could do... only try his best to ensure a relatively soft landing. Of course, it didn't help that Poseidon was screaming at the top of his lungs about how he will beat the living hell out of Hades and where exactly he will kick the God of the Dead. Meanwhile Hades, who was CAPABLE of flight, decided that it was a good idea to camp down there and let Zeus do all the work. Because what was easier than hovering gently down to the ground using your godly powers? Hanging from your two helpless younger brothers and laugh your butt off...

Once again an inexplainable situation with history's three most famous gods, this time from the Kid Icarus Universe. Don't ask me where this pic came from but it sure as fck was fun to draw!
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