The Lost Demigod Picture

So, while my internet was down I spent some time experimenting on ways to draw backgrounds. This picture is the finished project of that experiment.

I drew Seria, a character from my Percy Jackson fanfiction "Gamble with Fate", in Elysium, the resting place of the heroes in the Underworld. In case you aren't familiar with the story, Seria is originally from the 1940s, born in the World War 2 era of America's history. She is Japanese and a Daughter of Hades, so she faces a lot of prejudice both in her life outside the camp and inside. During her time in Camp Half-Blood she was given a quest to rescue a group of campers who were taken by Medusa. Long story short, she managed to save the campers and kill Medusa but at the cost of her own life. Now she resides in Elysium, having died a heroic death, but she's not going to stay there for long...
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