original character daniel star Picture

my percy jackson OC character daniel star
name: daniel star

age: 14

cabin: apollo

status: co-captain

BIO: daniel has been at camp for 4 years, and is the co-captain of the apollo cabin. his best friend is captain micheal yew. the two are always trying to out do each other in just about anything. daniel can play 4 instruments: guitar, bongos, piano, and harmonica and can even sing. he plays a big part in the campfire singalongs. not a day goes by were daniel isnt doing archery. he is also great at art and can even write a pretty good poem, but usually doesnt like to. this year daniel is trying to learn his fathers sacred instrument the lyre. alot of people say he looks alot like his father, but doesnt act like him at all. his favorite class (of course) archery, but he also loves wepon making and is good friends with charles beckendorf from the hephastus cabin. he also loves greek mythology and is loves to learn new things, and fighting tips. this will be his fith year at camp.
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