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My pick of the top 10 Disney villains. Anyone agree or have any others?

10: Hopper - The ruthless leader of a gang of grasshoppers intent on terrorizing and enslaving a colony of ants. He takes delight in harassing the ants, and is not above killing them to teach them their place. He seems to suffer from a deep need to control all those around him. This could possibly stem from almost being eaten by a bird when he was younger, most likely resulting in the scar on his face. After this instance of feeling completely helpless, he could have developed a need to always need to be in control of everyone and everything around him (though this is just a theory), and he's willing to resort to any means to do so. Only the promise to his mother on her deathbed keeps him from murdering his own brother for constantly annoying him.

9: Demona - The former mate of a clan of gargoyles that had an alliance with a kingdom of humans to protect them during the night in return for protection during the day. Believing her species to be superior to humans in every way, she grows tired of the lack of respect and betrays them to their enemies. As a result, nearly her entire clan is killed as well. She becomes bitter and vengeful, hating all of humanity, blaming them for her clan's death rather than accepting the responsibility for the consequences of her betrayal. Her goal becomes the complete and total annihilation of the entire human race, along with any gargoyle that calls a human friend. Her only weakness is the love she feels for her daughter, but not even that is enough to make her stop her plans of total genocide.

8: Shan Yu - The leader of the Huns. He's a ruthless warlord that leads a murderous army against the Chinese Empire, simply to prove that he's capable of conquering the nation. He takes delight in senseless killing and destruction, even bringing his army directly into a Chinese soldier camp when he could have easily avoided them, simply because it's the fastest way to the emperor. He even burns down an entire village, killing all men, women, and children, just because they're there. Even after his army is defeated, he becomes all the more determine to get the emperor of China to admit his superiority.

7: Jafar - An evil sorcerer that feigns loyalty to the sultan of Agrabah, while manipulating him from the shadows. He seeks to rule over all, beginning with his country. Searching for the genie of the magic lamp to abuse its power, he resorts to any means necessary to achieve his goal. The more power he obtains, the more he craves. Overly arrogant, and believing himself invincible, he enjoys flaunting his power, and crushing others under his thumb. After becoming an evil genie himself, he seeks to rule the universe itself. He is known to hold deep vendettas, wanting all those that oppose him to suffer and die. Even after his death, his spirit seeks revenge on those that defeated him, and he aligns himself with Hades, the Lord of the Dead, to achieve this.

6: The Horned King - A demonic ruler known only by his title, he rules over a dead wasteland with an army of ruthless warriors and monsters. Even his own subjects fear him, and he relishes in his position of power. His ultimate goal is to use the mythical Black Cauldron to create an immortal army of skeletons to kill off the entire world, and then to rule over his undead army as a god. Even when he succeeds in creating his skeleton army, he allows them to slaughter his own men. His one and only order to his undead army is to destroy all in their path.

5: Scar - The second born son of the former lion king that got stuck with a really mean nickname, Scar (real name Taka) spends most of his time being depressed and jealous over his brother's position of power. Secretly aligning himself with the kingdom's enemies, he seems to take pleasure in ruining whatever happiness anyone has, even if that means sending his own nephew to his death, and showing great displeasure when his plan failed. His desire to rule has no bounds, and he even resorts to personally killing his own family members without remorse to achieve this. After having obtained the position of king, he willingly allows the hyenas to run amuck and completely destroy and overrun the kingdom, caring nothing for the miseries of his subjects, and greatly abusing his power. He refuses to give up his dying kingdom, even if it means the death of himself and his subjects. It's even implied that he takes his brother's wife as his mate, whom he abuses, and a deleted scene reveals that he attempted to rape Nala before she escaped him.

4: Claude Frollo - A religious man that follows his own hypocritical standards of morality, he sees sin and corruption in everything except himself. He seeks to rid the town of anyone who dares to oppose his authority, especially the gypsies, whom he holds a great deal of prejudice against. Since he sees himself as righteous, he justifies his own wicked deeds by believing that he is right and everyone else is wrong, thereby absolving himself of all sins. Out of fear for damnation instilled within him by the archdeacon for murdering a mother on holy ground, he reluctantly raises the woman's deformed child, giving him a cruel name and raising him to believe that he and the world are evil. He develops a deep infatuation for the gypsy Esmeralda, and desires to make her his own at all cost. He even attempts to burn an innocent family in their home, simply because they do not know where she is. When he finally catches Esmeralda, he offers her the option of becoming his woman, or public execution. Even though he views her as evil, and his own desire for her as evil, he decides he does not care and will face damnation, simply because man in weaker than the devil. He later even ignores the church's right of sanctuary, assaulting the archdeacon and attempting to kill within the church itself.

3: Ursula - Formerly a resident of the undersea city of Atlantica, she was banished for attempting to overthrow the royal family. Ever since, she's caused trouble for them and their allies in anyway she can. She also tricks those that come to her for help by trapping them in magical contracts, only to sabotage the bargains they make after taking unfair payment, and then making them part of her "garden", even going back on deals she's made to gain a new victim. She delights in causing fear and suffering in others, even admitting to being wicked. Upon forming a new contract with the sea king's daughter, and once again sabotaging it, she's able to obtain the power over the sea, and becomes a murderous power-crazed individual, attempting to forcefully rule the entire sea as it's new queen, even creating a massive hurricane, simply to showoff her new power.

2: Maleficent - Greatly rivaling the #1 spot for the most evil of all Disney villains, the original Maleficent (not the one from that horrible live-action movie) is a very unique and wicked villain, whose very name even means "evil". She's a dark fairy who obtains her evil power straight from Hell itself, and rules over a dark kingdom as its wicked queen. Knowing nothing of love or kindness, she's evil simply for the sake of being evil. Not even her own minions are safe to her wickedness, as she has been seen torturing them for their failures. If she holds a fondness for anything at all, it is for her pet crow, Diablo. Her greatest pleasure is the misery and suffering of others, and she even began to find Hades attractive only after he began abusing Mickey Mouse. Unlike other Disney villains, she has no true goals other than to bring unhappiness to others. When she is not invited to the celebratory birth of the new princess out of fear for her, she decides that a proper punishment for the insult is the death of the child after her 16th birthday, allowing the child's imminent death to hang over the royal family. Intent on fulfilling her evil prophecy, she spends all 16 years seeking the child out after she disappears, simply because she wants to cause suffering for the royal family, and because she does not want to be bested, even claiming that she had not slept well for those 16 years because she was uncertain if her evil prophecy would come to pass as long as the child was missing. Along the way, she modifies her plan when unexpected events occur in order to cause more and more suffering. When her plans seem to begin to fall apart, she unleashes "all the powers of Hell" in order to go on a killing spree as a fire-breathing dragon. In her dying moments, she attempts to kill off Phillip, both for revenge and to keep her curse going forever. Even the enchanted sword that slayed her ends up turning black upon being contaminated by her evil.

1: Chernabog - Easily the most evil of all Disney villains is the representative of the devil. He's a giant demon that makes up the peek of Bald Mountain, and is known as the Black God. Based on the God of the Night in Slavic mythology, he emerges from the mountain top on Walpurgis Night (the Witches' Sabbath), to summon the damned souls of the recently deceased. He and his minions' actions are not committed in pursuit of any discernible goal other than general havoc-wreaking and tyranny on all. He enjoys nothing more than causing pain and suffering, and he spends his waking period having his servants dance their praise to him before torturing them and dropping them into the fire of Hell. He has been praised as Disney's best representation of pure raw evil. The Nostalgia Critic ranked him as the #1 Disney villain of all time. Even Walt Disney himself stated that "He is the most horrible Disney villain. If all the Disney villains held a contest to see which was the most truly, purely, evil, Chernabog would just throw them into the fires of Hell."

Honorable Mentions: Oogie Boogie, Davy Jones, Bill Sykes, The Coachman (Pinocchio), The Evil Queen (Snow White), Ratigan, Black Beard, Lots-O, Judge Doom, Shere Kahn
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