Snarl Picture

Arlette Lupei being... Lupei-y.


Arlette is one of my newer characters on Go the Distance ([linkagefuls]), and on her old site she was a werewolf. But now since werewolves =/= existful in Greek mythology, she had to become a demigod and so she's the daughter of Skadi, who's like the Norse goddess of something cool. I'm... not sure exactly what.

But it's cool.

BUT ANYWHO, this is her wolf form because I got bored and I wanted to experiment with stuff in Paint.Net. And... this is the result.

*is a spaz when bored*

Oh yeah, and she eats people. Right now she's going to eat Lucas Tesla because Cyn shot him and Lette's hungry. The silly-willy Camp staff don't understand her tastes, whanfulliferness.. D:

It's okay, Lette. You can eat Lucas and then hunt some rabbits.

Arlette Lupei [c] moooooiiiiiiii
Background [c]
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