Proxy Blood - Giftenstakka Picture

race: Kobold
age: 15
height: 4'11"
weight: 98 lbs
homeland: Greater Western Kobold Camp, Prussia

He's not quite the physically strongest of all his race, though that wouldn't be much anyway, but he's the most devious, and that is saying something. He has a knack for getting at weak points, even on a poison-immune species such as his own. This got him to the top and it's ostensibly going to win the Struggle for kobold-kind! It's even reflected in his weapoons. His halberd has a hidden blowgun, and his little dagger "the stinger" delivers poison at close range. No-one knows where he keeps it.

When he wins, kobolds immediately swarm into the former human habitations (those who hadn't snuck in already. A careless lack of understanding of simple things like ovens kills many, but it isn't long before dilapidation sets in, accelerated as if the structures themselves have been poisoned. Once any vestige of civilization has been obliterated, skyrocketing pollution renders most of the land desolate, til the kobolds finally starve to death.
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