Mule - the right edition Picture

YES! many many MANY thanks to BrrrGrrr for scanning the pic and mailing it to me
this is Mule, Iskaral Pust's not so loyal steed from Steven Erikson's Malazan Empire! and if you haven't seen the horrible version in my scraps.... good for you!
I put Mule under Fantasy, 'cause hey, would you honestly disagree that Mule isn't a mythological creature? there's something wrong about that sentence... anyway, if you would disagree, blasphemy! go read Malazan Empire!

and here's the passege I got my inspiration from, artistic freedam put aside.

... He looked up. "You, beast, set up the tent and start us a fire! Do that and then maybe I'll feed you and not, hee hee, feed on you--"
Iskaral pust backed away. "So, what do I do now? You've made me useless, woman!"
"That's not hard, husband. Make us camp."
"I already told my mule to do that."
"It's a mule, you idiot..." Her words trailed away as she noted the flicker of firelight off to one side. Turning, she studied the large canvas tent, expertly erected, and the stone ringed hearth where a pot of water already steamed beneath a tripod. Nearby stood the mule, eating from its bag of oats.

oh BrrrGrrr, I'm so glad you managed to scan it
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