Brynne Dragstien Picture

First name: Brynne
Middle name(s): Dawn
Surname: Dragstien
Age: 17
Date of birth: Feb. 2nd
Race: Human (with traces of Fae blood)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Current residence: London
Relationship status: Single (atm)
Likes: shiny things, puppies, candy, clothes, sports, camping, hiking, and nature
Dislikes: Littering, Judging people, being sad
Education: High school
Fears: her Parents finding out she is a Wiccan
Personal goals: To own a shop
General attitude: hyper, kind, bubbly, and optimistic
Religious values: Faery Wicca
General intelligence: Average in school subjects, but advanced in mythology
General sociability: Very sociable
Allergies (if any): none
Sleeping habits: average
Energy level: high
Eating habits: She loves her veggies and fruit, vegetarian
Memory: Average
Any unhealthy habits: She tries to help others, when she should be more focused on herself
Birth country: Canada
Hometown: A town in Maine, USA
Childhood: She spent most of her time in a catholic school and in Sunday school
Teen years: Her family moved to England to live in London. She is currently going to her first public school during her senior year
History of family: Her parents are dedicated Catholics
Briefly explain life story: Brynne never felt anything towards her parents' religion; however, she followed it to make them happy. When she turned 15 something happened. She went hiking when she encountered something magical and mystical. Ever since then, she has been a secret Wiccan, a broom closet witch.
Parents: Nicole Dragstien Douge Dragstien
Siblings: none
Any enemies (and why): none, she just arrived in London
Friends: none, she is starting at a new school
Best friend(s): none
Important friends/relatives (explain): none
Love interest (if there is one): none
Combat Peaceful or violent: Peaceful
Weapon (if applicable):Her pepper spray
Occupation: Student
Current home: A flat located outside of London
Favourite types of food: Apples, and Potatoes
Favourite types of drink: Mango juice
Hobbies/past times: Reading about mythology, practicing Wicca, painting, and sports
Guilty pleasures: Sneaking out during the night to see the city
Pet peeves: People littering
Pets: Puppy named "Titania"
Talents: She can paint and run longer than anyone
Favorite colors: Red, pink, purple and GREEN <3
Favourite type of music: Folk Music
Continue Reading: Campe