Gilles And The Lady Picture

Visions spoke unto Gilles of the mutitude of enemies that stood poised to destroy the land of his peers, and three days hence Gilles did avow to ride forth with jis surviving knights. For should the mighty warhost of the Orcs fow into one great tide, the lands of the Bretonni would come to their doom.

And be it known that fate did smile upon Gilles, for at his side rode long-time friend and bloodbrother Thierulf of Lyonesse, and the famed Landuin, Lord of Mousillon and the finest knight that ever was. The twilight sky bore witness to them as they made their peace in the shade of the Forest of Chãlons, prepared to give their lives as one in the next day's battle. But lo! On the morn , a ghostly vision came to them, a maiden of surpassing beauty and fey power arising from the mirror-sheene'd lake beside which they were camped. The knights knew full well that the sublime apparition was no mortal creature, for nery a ripple disturbed the waters. She gifted her bounty and blessing unto Gilles, enchanting his banner with her likeness. The bodies of the companions became suffused with unearthly strength and light. Their eyes di glow with a lambent flame from within, and their weapons and armour shone with new power. Thus did Gilles, Landuin and Thierulf transcend the mortal clay and earn sanctity to become the first of the Grail Knights, the famed Companions Of The Grail.
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