CHB: EveMasahiro Picture

After reading the series, "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" (yes, I read that, and so?) I had a sudden post-depression and my interest for Greek Mythology grew (dude, this book is the reason why I survived World History Last year!). A couple of months later, my friend who happens to be a huge fan of the series, invited me to Facebook Page about a Camp Half-Blood role-playing. My face beamed with excitement and I worked on my OC right away!

That was how Eve Masahiro, daughter of Athena, came to being.

Sorry, I'm too lazy to put her profile here =_= but here is the link to her profile, just look for Eve Masahiro. [link]

so yeah, this is also like my 5th trial in using Letraset Tria Markers~ I still need practice though.
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