Peyton, Half-Blood Picture

Okay, so this is a Half-Blood OC I wanted to submit to this group: [link]

And, for this doll, it has to be submitted to my scraps in order to be allowed here on dA. So, maybe I'll try drawing her out later.

(I used this: [link] , to create my OC.)

So, here's Peyton.


Name: Peyton O'Rilley
Gender: Female
Age: 15 to 16
Child of: Hephaestus
"Preferred Mortal" Weapon of Choice:
-Her Steel Knives
"Demigod" Weapon of Choice:
-A large battle hammer (From her dragon necklace)
-Peyton has a hyper-active mind - much like any other demigod/dess - but her hyper-active mind is natural. She is always speedy when it comes to activity, as well when it comes to talking. (Some of the other campers can barely understand her.) She also has a happy-go-lucky attitude, but can easily get angered when she is teased about her wild red hair.
-An Irish Pureblood
-Made her mortal knives all by herself
-Has four brothers, all who are in the Hephaestus cabin with her
-Likes the color green a lot


Yep. There's Peyton for you.

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