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Ω Name:
Cain Leftridge
Ω Age: 16
Ω Gender: ♂ DUUUUDE
Ω Height/Weight: 6'1" and 179lbs.
Ω Birthday: 12/17
ψ Godly Parent: Nemisis Godess of balance, justice, retribution, and vengeance
ψ Number of Years at Camp: 3 years
ψ Year Rounder/Summer Camp: year round

ψ Stats:

STR: || (2)
DEX: |||| (4)
AGI: ||| (3)
INT: || (2)
VIT: |||| (4)

ψ Weapon: Celestial Broze knuckles that look like carabiner clips when they are not being used.

ψ Subtle Ability:
"Balancing Act" -This ability puts Cain and his opponent on an even battle field, either giving him insight into his opponent's weakneses or causing him to be more clumsy durring battle. He has no control over this ability yet.

ψ Fatal Flaw:

Gaurdian- H
is desire to protect those who cannot defend themselves.

Ω Likes/Dislikes:
+Fantasy novels
+Mythological weponry (Excalibur, Spear of Destiny, things of that nature)
+Really bad cop shows
+Disney movies (his guilty pleasure)
+Tai Chi Qigong
-Bad cooking
-socks with sandals
-Italian food
-loud obnoxious people

Ω Personality:
Protective \ Honourable \ Stubborn \ Loyal\ Impatient \ Vengeful

Cain has always had a good sense of right and wrong thanks to his mom. But he also got his slightly Vengeful nature from her too, so if he feels you have damaged his honour he will find a way to pay you back. He was raised on fantasy books so he has a need to be Honourable like the knights he so admired. This lead to his Protective streak and his desire to stand up for those who needed it. However he can be incredibly Impatient especially when it comes to food. He is also incredibly Stubborn, sometimes to the point of exasperation to his father. However, once you have earned his trust you have also earned his gigantic Loyal friendship. You can always count on him because of it.

Ω History:
Edward Leftrige was one of the best cops in New York city, and he absolutly loved bringing those who wronged others or broke the law to justice. One day he was assigned a new partner, a female cop whose hair was like flame on her head, who became his best friend over the year they worked together. He fell for her, hard. They got closer, and then one day she vanished. Edward was heartbroken, but when he got home he found a baby boy with only a small not that said, 'He is yours Edward. Take care of him. I love you both. -Nemesis'. He was confused but he couldn't help but love the baby that he named Cain.
While Cain was still too young for school his dad would let the other cops babysit while he worked his shift, so the boy grew up surrounded by the justcie system. His father cared about him deeply, and the cops spoiled him greatly. One of them bought him a paint set one day, and Cain disovered that he loved painting....especially on himself. When his dad found out, they went to the craft store and Cain has been painting ever since. When he did enter school, he had issues reading and keeping still. He was taken in for testing and it turned out he had ADHD and Dyslexia. Everything in school was hard for Cain, except he tried his hardest in english because he loved folktales. Throughout the school english teachers adored him, and eventually he ran across an undercover satyr who was his 7th grade english teacher. One day durring lunch Cain saw a younger student being bullied and he couldn't just sit and watch. He stood up for the kid and it ended up in a brawl. His father was called to a parent teacher conference by the satyr, who told him of this occurance. Cain expected his Dad to be mad at him, but Edward seemed to find the whole thing amusing. The satyr then proceeded to say that Cain was the son of Nemesis, and that a good choice might be to send him to Camp Half Blood. After the meeting they did some research, but Cain had decided he wanted to stay. After some arguing Edward told Cain about his mother, and how much Cain reminded him of her. Eventually Cain backs down and they drive him out there, on the road to the camp a harpy attacks their car. Cain Mannages to punch it off their car, and it gets run over by an eighteen wheeler. They get to camp, and they say their goodbyes. Edward makes Cain promise to visit. Cain was not claimed straight away, it was only after he brought a theif to justice that his mom claimed him.

Cain was raised by cops. He stands up to a bully in school and finds out about his mom. Goes to camp half blood. They get attacked on the way there but make it there safe. Gets claimed after he brings justice to a situation.

Ω Family:

Dad: Edward Leftridge- a NY cop, who raised his son to try and do the right thing even if it's hard.
His dad's coworkers are like his extened family.

ψ Relationships: HAHAHAHAHAA NO

ψ Beads Earned:
-Valentines Bead: nagatsukichi.deviantart.com/ar…

Ω Misc:
`Favorite song is Blue Collar Man(Long nights) By Styx
`He loves watching people cook
`He can look incredibly intimidating, but everyone in Nemisis Cabin knows he's a big softie!
`He loves neon colors, but his favorite color is green.
`He is glad he has so many half siblings, but he'd never admit that out loud.
`Cain loves paint. And so he will paint designs on himself, so while they resemble tatoos they are not.

RP Methods:
Notes mostly
but I can do Comments
(if you want to teach me other ways i'm willing to learn)

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