Randall Peterson Picture

Hello there my fellow JTS fans. I am Montiessor, famous for me well known OC Randall Peterson. I am just a fellow JTS fan that loves the show and also loves mythology and dark comedy. Here my little friend meet's Jimmy when he saved his life, so in gratitude Randall made him extra handsome, which comes in consequences that every girls starts fighting for him. So Randall changes Jimmy back, and from that day on they become pals along with Beezy, however he has a past with Heloise, since both went to the same summer camp for evil genius, and they tried to be a couple, however their love became a rivaly and now they are friends/enemies, and he also date Heloise sister until she tried to kill him.

So basically I am a considered, almost creative, funny and loyal pal, just like Randall. Hope that I can help any of you when ever you ned me.
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