Jake's App Picture

Full Name: Jake Sebastian Argent
Nickname: Jake or Loverboy (Playfully by Lilly or anyone else)
Meaning of Name: Jake: Hebrew for “Supplanter”
Sebastian: Greek for “Venerable”; named after the Shakespearean character though
Argent: Latin for “Silver”
Supporting or Main: In my stories Main, in Carly's stories Supporting.
Age: Around 16-17
Gender: Male
Birthday: November 27th
Hometown: Stratford, England
Current Residence: Long Island, New York
Nationality: English-British
Height: 6’2
Weight: 143 Pounds
Hair: Jake’s hair isn’t as curly as most of the other Athenian kids but is rather just wavy around his forehead and ears. It’s relatively messy and a very dark brown, almost black in color.
Eye: Silver and he has a very owl-like sense of sight
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