Finn: Fujoshi Cafe Client Picture

Name: Finn Hawkins

Age: 18

Birthday: March 8

Height: 5 feet 10 inches

Sexual Orientation: Gay
Personality: He's very closed-off to stangers, partly because of all the crap he gets at school and home. He is very smiley, but behind the smile is a broken boy. He really likes being around guys that are totally happy to service him, even though he blushes at the slightest conversation with them. He really wants to make friends with people who are like him, which is why he attends. He also hangs out with his cousin, Ellis, there.

Background: Finn is in college to be a music teacher, but he really wants to play guitar in a band. His parents say that while his career is still in the works, he has to go to school. Finn goes to a local college, while his parents pay for it. He practices his guitar in his basement every Friday and on Saturdays his friend Stefano joins him.

Finn discovered he was gay at camp, when a boy he was having mixed feelings about kissed him in the forest behind the camp auditorium. He is in a sort-of relationship with Stefano.

• Sweetie-pie boys~
• Fairytales
• Mythology
• Playing guitar
• Broadway (guilty pleasure, lol)
• Loud music!
• Cute animals
• Horror movies
• Pocky

• Closed-mindedness
• Bible-thumpers (who are despicably rude)
• Homophobes
• Dead silence
• People specifically trying to scare him

Art, Finn©~Animechikk
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